February/March Discoveries; Shoes, Gadgets, Hair + More


I’ve been finding myself purchasing a lot of items via the internet lately and almost all of them are spur of the moment buys that are definitely not in my budget, but I always find a way to convince myself that I really should buy it and then I do and I haven’t had any regrets….yet. 
Are you like me? Do you make quick impulse purchases too? 

Feit shoes
A couple of weeks to Valentines day, I stumbled on The Feit Shop on twitter, a brand that makes shoes for men. I scrolled through their pictures and I was really impressed with what I saw. I decided to try them out and buy something from them as a Valentine’s day gift for Tee. My order came with a free belt and I was super pleased. 

Tee’s feedback: “The shoes were surprisingly more comfortable than I expected and I love the belt"

Image source: The Feit Shop IG page

CAG cabs
So I tried out CAG cabs in February and it wasn’t bad at all. I booked my trip the night before and the driver got to my location right on time. I had a few stops to make before getting to the wedding I was supposed to be attending so I was a bit flustered and worried. Worried that I would get to the wedding when everyone had gone home and most importantly, worried that I would exceed my budget for the trip. The driver noticed my discomfort and tried to calm me down, he did calm me down actually and told me that he would try as much as possible to make sure my fare didn't exceed the agreed upon price. Long story short, I was really impressed with the customer service and yes I would definitely use them again.

Ace gadgets
Ace gadgets are gadget vendors who also do swap deals and device repairs. My first encounter with Ace gadget on twitter unfortunately didn’t result in a transaction but I was thoroughly impressed with the customer service and I just knew I would do business with them in the near future. The service  was really warm and welcoming...if you're wondering why their good customer service was a plus for me, it's because bad customer service really really annoys me so I tend to appreciate good customer service when I experience it. Check out this post HERE to know how much bad customer service irks me.

Uche Mba
This lady has been tensioning the whole world on Instagram including me. Her body is AH-MA-ZING! Her body is "body goals"! As a "hot bod aspirant" I love seeing ladies with fit and hot bodies. I admire her because she worked hard to get her body to where it is and works hard to keep her body the way it is. I am here still praying for that kind of discipline and determination. I believe my prayers will be answered one day.

Image Source: Uche Mba's IG page

HBJ Hair growth elixir
I’m never consistent when it comes to oiling my scalp daily as is usually recommended, but I decided to give this one a try after coming across a positive review from Alex of Nappyhaired. Since purchasing this, I have tried my best to stay consistent. Some amazing things have happened since I started using this oil though; my scalp feels really refreshed after each application and I have stopped experiencing itching and flaking. I have noticed some growth at the back of my hair which is the "scantiest" part of my hair and I think I have also noticed some growth in my edges but to be honest, I gave up on these edges a long time ago so i'm not so particular about their growth anymore. But if anything miraculous happens, I'll definitely let you guys know. Let’s see how my hair is in about 2 months from now.

Image source: Hair by Jhennique IG page

KUI conditioning mist
It's no federal secret that moisturising your hair with water or a product that contains water is one of the major keys to long healthy hair, but for some reason, spraying my hair with water itches my scalp a lot, so I stopped using a spray bottle and stuck to leave-in conditioners for moisture. 
I recently came across some reviews of the KUI conditioning hair mist and decided to give it a try. 
This product gave me a few pleasant surprises; It was more affordable than I expected, I will definitely be stocking up on this. It get's my hair extremely soft and it doesn't make my scalp itch at all! I even think it’s helping make my hair fuller, that is probably due to the combined effect of the mist and the oil sha. So dear natural hair sistahs, if you have not started using any conditioning mist to moisturise your hair, I urge you to start using KUI today!

So over to you dearest reader 😊 , what new things have you discovered in the past couple of months? Oya tell me in the comments section, i'm waiting excitedly!!!

Hugs and purple "mwah's"

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P.S.: This is not a sponsored post, it is also not for advert purposes. This is just me sharing my undiluted opinions.

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