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One of my biggest pet peeves is bad customer service. I absolutely cannot stand it, it irks me! It makes me feel really bad for business owners when their employees don't know how to talk or relate with customers.
I think it is very VERY important for business owners to educate their employees on the importance of customer service and give them training on how to interact/respond to customers.

I entered a supermarket once and approached the sales lady, who at the time was busy arranging new stock of items that just arrived, I asked her to please give me the the item I was there to purchase, and she says "It's in the store, and I can't go and get it for you, as you can see I am very busy". Imagine that?! How rude!

Imagine I got so offended by her response and then decide to tell any and everyone that cares to listen about my bad experience and advise them to stop shopping there, imagine word spreads about how nasty the attitudes of the sales personnel in that supermarket is, what do you think will happen to that business?

I really think business owners should be very strict about their employees attitudes towards customers, your employees could be the one behind you low sales/profit and you won't even know it.

No matter how badly behaved or rude a customer is, always have a 'please', an 'i'm sorry' and a 'thank you' ready to give along with a smile, even if the smile has to be forced.

Have you had any bad customer care experience or rather "customer-no-care" experience? I would love to hear about it, please share with me in the comments section below.

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  1. I've not come accross "customer-no-care" so far, but i am sure gonna get that employee fired..Thanks for the RANT!


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