January Discoveries; Life planners, Workouts, Wigs + More


January was like 3 months fitted into 1 month; it was loooooong. Thank goodness it's over! Here's the good part though, the "longness" of the month gave me the chance to discover a lot of things, let's get right into it..

Life Planners
I bought a Life planner from HeartDictions HQ Goods (@hdhqgoods) in early January, it was actually one of those impulse buys where you're scrolling through your Instagram timeline and come across something nice, and as soon as you make price inquiries you find yourself making your bank account a few Naira's lighter.
This is one impulse buy I definitely don't regret though. I was particularly drawn to the financial page of this planner because I was in dire need of something to help me keep track of my finances. I also love the fact that this planner helps me put things in perspective and determine the areas I need to work on, and let's not forget the amazing coloring pages, who would have thought coloring could be a great stress reliever/time killer.
You should definitely get yourself a HDHQ Planner, you can place an order on their Instagram page HERE.

How do you keep track of your finances? Have you ever considered getting any sort of planner/journal to keep your life in order? 

The Wig Life
I didn't choose the wig life, the wig life chose me! 

But really guys, wigs are super convenient mehn! The idea of getting a wig came to me in December when I was trying to figure out what "Christmas hair" to make. I considered making kinky braids, but re-considered when I realized it would be a waste of money because I would eventually take it out after 3-4 week. Plix not in this economy abeg! More saving and less wasting. Do I hear an amen somebody?!

Anyway, I felt it would be more economical to get a wig and I did! After searching through Instagram for hair vendors and lamenting at how injurious some of their prices will be to my bank account, I finally found GoddessHair_ng that sells affordable hair. I took the plunge and I haven't regretted it since. The hair came and I was amazed at how soft it was.

Wigs are convenient, they help me retain length and I don't have to battle with my fro everyday or worry about the next hairstyle to make. Winning!

Wigs for hair presidency!!!

Ladies do you wear wigs? Why or why not? Guys do you like it when your lady wears a wig?

I don't know what I was saying here oh.

30 Days Workout Challenge
I stumbled on Funke Olotu's Instagram post about squats and then I read a blog post where she talked some more about squats. She put up a picture of her derriere and I was like "damn, if squats can do that to my derriere, count me in!" and that was the beginning of my 30 days squats challenge. I actually did a squat challenge a couple of years ago but got discouraged because I wasn't seeing the results I wanted...I was too focused on getting results.

Seeing Funke's post made me realize how much I missed working out and it motivated me to start again. I decided to start working out to stay fit and not focus too much on the results so that I wouldn't get discouraged again.
I started the 30 days workout challenge for squats, abs and cardio. (you can find these apps on Google play store) but I have stopped the cardio challenge abeg, it seems high knees and butt kicks are not for me and I really hate being out of breath. I think I would rather start skipping, so i'll have to get a skipping rope or maybe i'll just use my niece's jump rope... yup, that should work. I'll let you guys know that goes.

Do you workout? How do you stay fit? Gym or home workout, which do you prefer?

Yes! I'm almost halfway through.

Fragrance Codes
Recently I've been all about Nigerian made products; Have you noticed that Nigerians are doing amazingly well these days?

So I had been seeing posts about these body mists on Instagram (Instagram seems to be the happening place oh!) but I assumed they were going to be expensive so I didn't bother asking the price, but when I started seeing reviews from people who had bought I just couldn't resist any longer, the perfume junkie in me had to speak up. I asked about the price and I was shocked at how affordable it was. I ordered one (Sweet Bliss) for myself immediately!

See, I'm a sucker for scents and I love to smell good so I can tell you for free that this body mist was certainly worth every Naira spent. Check out retroc0de on instagram if you would like to make an order.

Shey you know you have to smell good ALWAYS? Read why HERE

What new scents have you tried out/are you loving recently? 

Finally, I recently got a fresh burst of confidence and self love and it feels great!
Just so you guys know, I am a huge advocate for self confidence and self love, I believe you should love yourself more than anyone on this earth.

There's a story behind this self confidence growth, and I will be sharing it with you in a 3 part series coming soon. This story also inspired me to start a brand and you will hear all about it at the right time, until then, love yourself wholly and completely because you are utterly and completely awesome just the way you are!

Hugs and purple "mwah's"

Let's stay connected.

P.S.: This is not a sponsored post, it is also not for advert purposes. This is just me sharing my undiluted opinions.

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5 thoughts

  1. I like it when a lady wear a wig, so far it save cost and it looks pretty on her.
    I work out at home and i don't have any new scent yet. still rocking my smart collection *chocolate flavour* I should get one of those sha. Hope its not not expensive oo. this one that Bubu is still on leave.
    Well done Misspurple. will be waiting for the 3 part series.

    1. The mists are not expensive at all, you should definitely consider getting one.

      The series will be posted soon...thank you for stopping by!

  2. Hey dear... Seems you have done quite a lot already cos my story isn't so sweet. Made up a list of goals to improving my daily lifestyle, we're in February now and I still haven't mastered one. *covering face* Now I am considering revising my goals so I don't feel too pressured o! Oh well.. Maybe, I may just have to ditch my alaroro spirit and get myself a life planner. And thanks for sharing on the Nigerian scents. Will definitely check them out. :)

    1. Perhaps you should revise your goals and take it one after the other? Say one goal per month or something like that.

      The life planner will really help a lot though.

      Thank you so much for stopping by :)

  3. Hey there, I am here again at your face. hihihhihihiihhihi.... I have been desperately looking for where I can get wigs ooooooo. The reason why I am still on this search is because I need something really affordable, okay cheap, that's the word. Cheap.

    Any ideas? Epp me if you can, I dey beg.



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