#5 Reasons Why You should ALWAYS SMELL GOOD


You know what they say about looking good being good business? Well smelling good is a huge part of this business. The second thing that makes an impression after the way you are dressed is how you smell. Smell leaves a stronger impression than any other of our senses. I personally love it when a person smells good, I can gain new respect for you just by getting a whiff of your scent , no jokes!

The cost of smelling good can either be very cheap and affordable or ridiculously expensive...I'm talking about perfume bottles. Some body sprays equally serve the same purpose as perfumes, so you don't have to break the bank to smell good at all! See, i'm not saying put in effort not to smell bad, most people don't have a specific scent, and that's not bad...my point is, you should actually smell GOOD!

So, just in case, for some outrageous reason, you don't know WHY you should smell good, I'll tell you, because i'm nice like that...

#1 You instantly become more attractive
I made this the number one reason for a reason. Smelling good makes you 1 million times more attractive! See ehn, if you like, look like you just stepped out of the pages of a fashion magazine, if you don't smell good, you are automatically undesirable and may even be seen as ugly to the opposite sex. Even if you look like king kong, or queen kong...as the case may be, but you smell amazing, trust me, you will get them curious and interested.


#2 Your confidence sky rockets
I don't know about you, but when I smell good and I know it, I feel a lot more confident. A person that smells good exudes self-confidence, you won't feel self conscious because you know what you are blessing peoples noses with! Compliments like "oh, you smell so good" and "wow! what perfume are you wearing?" will make you feel on top of the world. At this point, nobody is even noticing your outfit because they are "intoxicated" with your scent. So, smell good and strut your stuff in confidence!

#3 You won't be forgotten in a hurry
Smells leave more of an impression on the memory that sights and sounds. Have you ever perceived a person even when they weren't there? Ever had that "de ja vu" feeling when you perceive a familiar smell? Smells always leave a "I was here" mark. Some smells give certain impressions, for example a manly scent gives the impression of a strong man, and some scents on a lady may seem seductive to men. Smells trigger memories, make a great impression and let your smell leave a pleasant memory behind.


#4 It says well of your hygiene
Sometimes smelling good signifies cleanliness. It shows that you are conscious of your hygiene and you take it seriously. You don't expect us to think/believe that you are hygienic if you plan to suffocate us with the horrible smell you emit. Your smell is one of the things that speaks volumes about you, be conscious of it!

#5 It is part of looking good
There are days when I dress up and quickly rush out of the house and then I realize that I forgot to spray my perfume, I instantly feel incompletely dressed. It just doesn't feel right to me. Your scent is part of your outfit, it is what puts a full stop to the long sentence of your outfit.

Please take note, I am not saying you should bathe with the whole bottle of perfume, two or three sprays is always enough, sometimes more than enough.
For those that may be allergic to perfumes, there are other ways of getting a good smell. You can use body sprays, body mists or bath gels/soaps with strong scents. Some body lotions also serve this purpose very nicely.

...because you just HAVE TO smell good!

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3 thoughts

  1. Hehehe...mami....I think people should smell good because THEY SHOULD SMELL GOOD......yes mami...I mean...one of the things that I actually think us ladies should spend money on is hairspray....why?...If you are a huger like me then people will get to smell your hair alot....#myopinion tho...

  2. Aby there are some people I know *pointing at boo* that would finish a bottle of perfume in less than a month. I hate when you are trying to smell good but then you end up destroying my sense of smell.... I love when a guy smells good sha. That's the number one thing I notice about anyone. You must always smell good. Smelling good is good business.

  3. I love that comment about hairspray. That is so true. You just gotta love it when you hug a lady and get intoxicated by her hair. Even while dancing with her, if a wave of putrid air hits me, its over. Am taking my seat. Anyways, those bike men that used to be in BDPA should read this. You would enter bike and come down halfway so you don't fall off from holding your breath. I love this post.


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