August Discoveries; Unusual Podcast, Girl Boss + More


August went by too quickly! Perhaps because it was an extremely busy month for me, which is also the reason for the lack of posts in the past few weeks. So much has changed and I've been struggling with juggling everything I have to do and trying to come up with a routine that works. I'm in serious need of a "Professional Time Manager" if such a person exists.

Even with it's speed, August still brought with it a number of new things. Did you miss my July discoveries post? Check it out here.

Girl Boss
I had been looking for this book ever since I saw it on someone's Instagram page. The title was what attracted me because of course I want to be a girl boss, every woman should want to be a girl boss in my opinion, whether you're an entrepreneur or not.
From page one, I knew I had made the right decision in reading this book. Sophia Amoruso spoke in very down to earth terms, it kinda felt like a close friend was speaking to me.
There is so much to learn from this book, you will be absolutely delighted you took the leap and started reading this. Therefore I am recommending this book to every single lady reading this, go get your Girl Boss on!
If you're a guy, you can also get a copy, the lessons in this book apply to everybody. Although you might want to hide it behind a magazine while reading or better still, get it in an e-book version, so as not to raise eyebrows when people see you reading it...#JustSaying.

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Haute Signatures
I'm a girl that loves fashion and style on a budget, so you can imagine my absolute delight when I came across Haute Signatures page on Instagram. They sell really cool stuff at affordable prices. Although their main products are glasses frames (clear frames and sun glasses), they also sell really pretty hand bags.
I couldn't let this opportunity pass me by as I had to purchase a pair of clear frames for myself, i'm already due for new glasses prescriptions anyway, so it was perfect timing. I purchased mine for just N1,800. Reasonable right? Check out their Instagram page here.

Unusual Podcast
Have you heard about The Unusual Podcast? If you haven't, where have you been??? Okay good thing i'm here to inform you about it. You're welcome!
The Unusual Podcast is a podcast that focuses on pop-culture with a mix of a whole lot of other fun topics, and guess what? One of the voices you'll be hearing on the podcast is yours truly's. Yup!
So if you want to know what I sound like, you should definitely listen. The Unusual Podcast actually launched in August, so you don't have too many episodes to catch up on. I'll also be posting weekly updates so you won't miss out on future episodes.
You can follow on twitter here and on SoundCloud (theUnusualPodcast) here. Be sure to drop your comments and opinions by email, DM or just tweet @theUPodcast. Happy listening!

P.S: I designed the like?

Content creation
Some time ago, I told someone about my blog and the person referred to me as a content creator, apparently that is a fancy name for bloggers or anybody that creates stuff and puts online. At that time, I refused to refer to myself as a content creator because I felt the name sounded to "big and serious" for something that came naturally to me, something I did leisurely.
Fast forward a couple of months later, in August precisely, I got a freelance job as a content creator and yes, you guessed it, I got the job because of my blog. And I am so thankful that I didn't quit this when the urge was there. *phew*

Anyway, this new job is the reason I have been so busy, it is almost like a full time job; my attention is needed very regularly. Hopefully I find a balance soon so I can put up juicy posts consistently for you guys to read.
So in the month of August, I discovered what content creation was about and came to the realization that content creation is what I have been doing on this blog for the past 4 years.

Anyhoo, it's your turn to talk type. What new thing(s) did August bring? What did you discover/try for the first time? I'm eagerly waiting to hear from you in the comments section. Don't stand me up and leave me there waiting oh! We'll just fight...

Truly yours,
*hugs and purple "mwah's"*

Let's stay connected.

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6 thoughts

  1. Lol @content creator. But it's true. We are content creators and congrats on the job ❤

    That logo is the bomb! I love it! Are you into graphic design?

    And yes, September came too soon.

    Mira La Belle blog

    1. Thank you! Yes i'm into graphics's something i'm quite passionate about :)

  2. Nice post Girl. This goes to say that whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well. This year I also got a job with a big magazine in Nigeria as an online content creator, no interview at all. My blog and social media platform was my CV and its another source of income which is great. I love this post.

    1. That is truly amazing! Congratulations to you! Thank you for stopping by :)


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