July Discoveries; Jon Bellion, Lamb Chops + More


When was the last time you had a first time? 
Last month, I came across/tried out some things for the first time and I was pretty excited about most of them so I thought it won't be a bad idea to share them with you on the blog and maybe encourage you to try them out too.

Jon Bellion Music
I had been hearing/reading a lot about Jon Bellion and how amazing his music is. A friend of mine shared his album with me at some point but I lost access to it. So when I heard about Jon Bellion for the 100th time, I decided to go on a hunt for his album. I got two of his albums, The Definition, 2014 and The Human Condition, 2016. I kid you not, I played his music everyday for two weeks straight! Yep, the rumors turned out to be facts! Jon Bellion music is amazing and I totally recommend you listen to it. It is not your conventional R'n'B, in fact it's in a genre of it's own.

Have you heard any Jon Bellion song? What do you think about his music? What genre would you say it belongs to?

Lamb chops
Sometime last month I went out with Tee, and as we perused through the food menu, I randomly said "hmmm, lamb chops, I've never had that before" and Tee was appalled that I had never eaten lamb chops and proceeds to order a portion (best guy). Now, i'm a huge meat lover, so of course I was giddy at the thought of a dish containing purely beef and yes, I totally enjoyed the meal, although I wasn't really sure about the almost raw taste it had, but apparently that's how lamb chops is supposed to taste. A friend of mine wasn't really happy with me that I was eating baby sheep though *sigh*. I promised not to eat it again, let's see if I can keep to that promise. I forgot to take a picture of the dish, so this picture from google should suffice, it pretty much looks the same.

Have you had lamb chops before? Did you love or hate? If you haven't, do you think it's something you would like to try out?

Image Source

I usually get bored with movie reviews. But then I stumbled upon a movie review blog that struck me. I was actually able to get to the end of a review without skipping lines. I enjoyed the blog so much that I even had a go at a movie ticket giveaway on the blog and I won!!! Unfortunately I couldn't go to the cinema to redeem my ticket and watch my movie. I recommend revue.com if you are considering going to see a particular movie and need to know if it will be money well spent or not. Plus you can try your hands on one of the giveaways, you just might win a free movie ticket.


African black soap
Okay I lied...I didn't just discover black soap, BUT I started to appreciate it's effect on my skin in July. A lot of people preach the gospel of black soap and they do not lie. Black soap is really great for the skin, and my pimples have reduced a whole lot! Black soap is notorious for drying out the skin, but thanks to the lady I buy my black soap from, mine doesn't leave my skin dry because she mixes hers with essential oils that are great for the skin and I honestly don't see myself using any other soap in the nearest future. I'll do a proper review of her products in a post coming soon. Just in case you are interested in getting some black soap for yourself, you can find her on Instagram and twitter as @hairfilliation

Have you every tried out black soap? Was the effect on your skin good or bad?

What new things did you discover/try out in July? What are you hoping to try out this August. I would absolutely love to hear from you. Let me know in the comments section.

Truly yours,
*hugs and purple "mwah's"*


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4 thoughts

  1. I should totally resume my black soap hunt because my skin needs it badly!

    For the music, I will search for Jon and equally check out the movie review site.

    BTW, I'm yet to try anything new. I should get intentional about that. Nice post dear.

  2. Great read!!! I am Glad everyone is loving Jon Bellion too.

  3. Jon Bellion's The Human Condition - DOPE!!!

  4. Yeah, Bellion is tight. Has two mixtapes - Definition and separation and one studio album(human condition)so far. His music ranges from hip-hop to indie to r&b.


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