Dear Blog Reader...


I've been gone for too long. So long that I'm sure you must have forgotten Miss Purpleheart's blog exists *sigh*. But i'm back to remind you. *smiles*
I have finally decided to get off my lazy behind and come dust the cobwebs away from this blog and do a little spring cleaning. I'm so sorry I've been away for so long. Forgive me? *bats purple lashes*

I have a lot of smoldering hot gist to give you, but the problem has been putting it into words and forming a wonderful blog post for you to read...but I will definitely find a way around it, not to worry!

If you read my "Highlights of my 2015 in Pictures" post, you'll know that I have been serving my fatherland. The service year has finally come to an end tho *whoop whoop* and I enjoyed every single bit of it. Regardless of what most Nigerians think, I don't believe the service year is a waste of time, it definitely didn't waste my time.
I'm still trying to figure out a way to structure and arrange the series of posts that will talk about the things and people I encountered during NYSC, because there is sooo much to talk about *now praying for divine inspiration*

Okay, that's enough about me, how have YOU been? I hope all has been well, and if it hasn't been, trust me it will be eventually. God's got you *winks*

So this is me breaking the long silence that has gone on for too long on the blog, I hope you're happy to have me back (yet again). Expect to see more "purpleness" on your phone/laptop screen, and please keep in touch, let's be friends!

We can exchange emails and tweets @Aby_Purpleheart. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Truly yours,
Hugs and purple *mwah's*

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