Highlights of my 2015 in Pictures


2015 was an amazing year for me. It was packed full with new and amazing experiences, and I will be sharing some of the high points on the blog today in pictures...okay and a few words.

I finally read for and sat for my certification exam (CCNA) and I passed! Whoop!

NYSC came around this year too. It could have come earlier but it chose the perfect time. I've met some really wonderful people in these past few months.

Swearing in and Man 'o' War drills.

NYSC camp was a mixture of stress and fun. The day of swearing in was extremely stressful because we had to stand under the sun waiting for Mr. Governor. But on the other hand, Man 'o' War drills were extremely fun as you can see from the big smiles on my face.

What's a service year without selfies...

and "usies" of course...

Being in NYSC camp gave me the opportunity to live my little dream of being a radio presenter. I was a presenter at the OBS (Orientation Broadcasting Service) on camp and it was amazing, apparently I have talent for radio.

I did so many things in camp that I would never do on a normal day! I danced on stage (sadly no pictures of those for now) and I contested in the Miss Hot legs pageant *covers face*
I decided there and then that pageants are definitely not for me, but it was an absolutely fun experience.

I met a great dancer in NYSC camp (hi Biola *waves*) and he started giving dance lessons when we left camp, luckily we were both posted to the same LGA so I joined his dance classes (check out his Facebook page HERE).
Fun doesn't even begin to describe it. I began lessons in salsa, hip-hop and contemporary. Of course my best of the three is salsa.

Goofing around after classes

Here's a video of me in salsa class *big grin*

My convocation happened this year too, although I didn't finish with my mates but like I said, the timing of everything has been perfect and I thank God for it all.

I discovered the depth of my love for graphics design in 2015, and it was great being paid to do what I enjoyed doing. Looking forward to the improvements 2016 will bring.

These are the major highlights of my 2015, a lot of other things happened that I don't have pictures for like becoming the vice president of my CDS group. All these events put together, both the good and the bad, have made me move a step closer to becoming the woman I aspire to be. It's been a great year for me.

So now it's your turn, what were the major highlights of your 2015? Share with me, let's celebrate successes and milestones reached together.

Happy New Year guys!!!
*hugs and purple mwah's*

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5 thoughts

  1. Awesome! I got a job this year! After I spent a year at home (scratching balls). Then I got fired and got another jab coupla months after. Got an awesome lady as a girlfriend also. And learnt a whole bunch of lessons

  2. Nice... (Hi Aby **waves back**) , well 2015 has been awesome to me too.. I had a wonderful dance practical in school, and then came Nysc. Nysc camp opened the door of greatness for me, I was able to win the heart of many fellow Corp members and camp officials as best dancer and choreographer in camp, also I met some wonderful friends and I did alot of dances on stage even with Aby. I have my dance studio (BeeArts Entertainment) also my first programme this year tho there were many ups and down but it was a success. I know 2016 will be a fulfilling year.

  3. I like how you detailed it shaaa, "usies" niceee.
    2015 had some in store, saw parts of the country, I now know toilets can be a luxury, saw a new kind of harmattan, learned dat 3hr trips are actually close (try 13 hours first), generally perceived a whole othernew to life, the sort of experiences that bring out a new style to your thinking, and side to your person.
    Nice one Aby

  4. Oshey dancing in the stars. Lol. Happy for you purple.


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