New Year Resolutions; Yay or Nay?


Most people see the beginning of the year as a new opportunity at getting things in their life right; A fresh start at trying to be a better person. You tend to see so many tweets and status updates like "New year, new me" and people start making lists of New Year resolutions.

I understand that starting a new year gives that feeling of freshness, like you're given a blank book and have the chance to re-write your story, but does it really work? What's the difference between a new year resolution and a resolution made at any other time of the year?

I did a post on New Year resolutions a couple of years ago (see it HERE), although the things there are still very valid, my view pint on resolutions have changed a bit.

From conversations I've had and things I've seen online, people believe goal setting is a better approach for the new year. Setting goals that you can work towards reaching instead of resolutions.
But if we really look at it, isn't a new year resolution sort of like a goal? Or is there a difference? Perhaps it is a thing of the mind, something about it being called a New Years resolution makes you take it less seriously and forget about it after the first week of January, whereas if you call it a goal or a target, all efforts will be made to reach it.

I was thinking along the lines of "I would rather set goals than new years resolution" but then I thought, hey! Aren't they kind of the same thing?!
Personally, I have decided not to write any resolutions for this year, but instead, continue with and improve on the goals from last year. Ideally, everyone should have set goals for their life, but in the event that you  don't have any, I believe a new year is as good as any time to start setting your goals.

Resolutions kind of give you a time limit of one year to achieve, but goals can span over many years. As long as you are making progress and moving forward towards your goal, you are doing great and you won't get that sinking feeling of disappointment at the end of the year when you see you haven't yet arrived at your desired goal, which in my opinion is the effect resolutions have.

I asked a few friends of mine about their opinions and this is what they had to say...

I don't need a change of date to make resolutions, I think they work for some people; religious folks. For the rest of us, its just something we stick to for the first week, maybe a month and then bam! we're back to our old ways. I prefer goals, constrained by time. Tomorrow (New Year day) is just another day, just that there's excess protein.- Sean 
Making New year resolutions is basically the same thing as goal setting, the difference is just how we individuals see it. New year resolutions are often made and easily broken. New year resolutions can be seen as a set of rules that must be followed. Rules that are set at the beginning of the year and followed through before the year runs out. Goals can be set at any time during the year. I agree that new year resolutions can be hard to keep, but I think one needs more than a decision to follow through with these resolutions, one needs a plan that can be used as a guide while putting this decision into action. -Biola

Now it's your turn guys, what's your take on New Year resolutions? Have they ever worked for you? I'll be waiting in the comments section to read what you have to say.

*hugs and purple mwah's*
Truly yours

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2 thoughts

  1. I feel resolutions should be incorporated into our long term goals. Say you make a 10 year plan, you can at the beginning of each year make tweaks to said plan in the name of resolutions to make it better. That way the resolutions become more important and easier to follow through.

  2. Instead of making resolutions, I make plans and actionable plans to fulfill them. I honestly think New Year resolutions are simply overrated. They suck people in, kind of. "Everybody is making resolutions, you better make your own." And then 2 weeks after the New Year, you find you can't keep up. Instead, set goals that resonate with you, that align with your overall life purpose and make detailed plans to make them come true! Just my 2 cents.


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