It's Never Too Late For New Year RESOLUTIONS!


Hi guys! *waving* Its been a while! You've been greatly missed by me! *smiles*
Yes oh! This is a post about new year resolutions...everybody wrote/talked about this at the beginning of the year, but Miss Purpleheart is just writing hers now *sigh*...oh well, like the saying goes "it is better late than never".

I've actually been planning to post this for a while, but i just never got around to it, almost decided not to, but I banished the evil thought away quickly and here i am!!!

Okay so we're close to the end of the first month of the year, and i'm sure many of you listed your goals/resolutions for the, quick question; have you started working on your resolutions??? Cos i know it's very easy to "fall of the wagon" when it comes to new year resolutions.

I set a few resolutions of my own early on in the year, and so far, I would say I've been doing great! If you haven't been following through with your set resolutions, it's not too late at all, it's still get started!

I know a lot of people who don't agree with the idea of new year resolutions, well i beg to differ! A new year  is an opportunity at a fresh start, so why not have a plan? Resolutions give you sense of purpose (depending on what they are though), you wake up everyday and you know there is something you're working towards, that there is something you hope to have achieved by the time the year ends. Resolutions only work if you want them to work, it takes real determination.

Fill in the blank

Resolutions are an important recipe for self growth/development, it goes like this: you set a target for yourself-> you strive to reach set target-> you reach set target-> overwhelming sense of accomplishment attained-> a happier, more confident and self loving you!

Resolutions are like mini self made maps for the year. Of course things don't always go as planned, but it is always good to set your sights on how you would like things to go; what you would like to change about/add to yourself, your environment and anything else you feel the need to. Resolutions require a certain level of self discipline to be followed through, i can tell you for sure that it's not easy, not at all, but that shouldn't stop you from trying, take it one day at a time and you just might surprise yourself!

I found this picture online on tips for keeping your new year resolutions...i hope it helps you keep yours!

So tell me, what resolutions have you made this year? Have you started working on them?
No resolutions yet? What's holding you back from making some? Do share with me, i would love to hear your opinions!

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2 thoughts

  1. Making new year resolutions are no go areas for me. I find the blow hard to deal with especially when at the end of each year, I realize that I haven't been able to achieve one. But those tips are great for having a new year resolution.

  2. Hi Miss purpleheart, My goals for the new year are; Be right and do right, live ready for the coming of christ, go to church more regularly, fully please God, drink more water and a couple of others :).
    lovely post by the way. #huggs


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