5 Broken Rules in Men's Fashion


Men's fashion has evolved from more than just shirt and trousers and a suit to so much more. Personally, I am a big lover of men's fashion. Heaven knows the havoc I would cause with my outfits if I was a guy *looks dreamily into space*.

I did a similar post on women's fashion a while back, so in case you missed it, you can click here.

Like we all know, rules were made to be broken, and for a long time, men's fashion was bound and restricted my these rules...but the shackles have been broken, men's fashion has evolved! Hallelujah somebody!

Let's take a look at 5 of such rules that have been broken free, shall we?

#1. Don't mix different patterns
Gone are the days when men were expected to wear plain solid colors, gone are the days when men were expected to wear just one piece of patterned clothing...*listens for shattering sound of broken rule*.

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#2. Shoes must match belt
I used to be a big advocate and supporter of this rule, but we all know that change is the only constant thing in life right? 

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#3. Your trouser hems must touch the top of your shoes
*crashBANGcrash* did you hear that massive rule breaking sound? This rule has totally been tossed out of the window, every fashionable guy these days knows that having your trousers a few inches above your shoes is totally an in-thing. I must be honest though, I wasn't really a big fan of this trend when it began, but some men pull this off so well I didn't even realize when my mind made a complete turn around.

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#4. Don't wear shoes without socks
There was a time when people will turn up their noses at men that wear their shoes without socks, now it is seen as fashionable, of course every other part of your outfit MUST be put together nicely for you to pull this off.

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#5. Don't wear pink
I would say, most men wear this color better than the ladies. If you are still a bit skeptical about wearing this color, you can always balance it out with a darker color.

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That's the five I've got guys. Which broken rules did I miss? I'll be waiting in the comment section to hear from you.

Fashionably yours,

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