5 Broken Rules in Women's Fashion


It is common knowledge that rules are made to be broken, so it was only a matter of time before some fashion "do's and dont's" were thrown out the window by fashionistas all around the world. Fashion has now evolved to a point where any outfit you put together will be termed "your personal style".

Thinking back to some years ago, I remember how certain outfits were called fashion errors just because they didn't go in line with the fashion rules, but it is a different story today...

#1. Don't wear print on print
This is one rule that was smashed before it was tossed out the door. Print on print has been trending a lot in recent years, and to be very honest, it is not going anywhere anytime soon.


#2. Don't mix gold and silver jewelry
Nobody cares anymore that you put on a gold wristwatch and a silver bracelet, nobody even cares that the rings on your finger are not of the same metal.


#3. Don't mix black + navy blue, brown + navy blue, black + brown
Wholup! I don't know who came up with this rule, but I can't help but wonder what the person was thinking!!! These combination are utterly beautiful. *smashes rule with hammer*


#4. Your shoes and your bag must be the same color
Hello color blocking! Thank you for rescuing us from this insane rule. Tell me, who doesn't love to mix and match? That's part of the fun in picking an outfit!


#5. Don't wear socks with heels
It may sound a bit odd, wearing socks with heels...but this is actually quite a classy trend if you pick the right socks to go with your outfit, and it works wonders in cold weather as well.


What fashion trends do you think have been broken in recent times? Share with me in the comments section below, let's discuss.

And by the way, the men are not left out of these broken fashion rules...coming up next week.

Fashionably yours,

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