6 Ways to Spice up Your Valentine's Day


Hello ladies and gentlemen, falantine is around the corner and quite a number of people are worried about what special thing to do for their significant other without breaking the bank, and that is a very legit thought process in these hard times to be honest.

I've compiled some really cute and very inexpensive ideas that will help you make Valentine's day a special one for you and your partner.

Please note that these ideas will only work for those who are romantically involved.

#1. A heart felt note
Call me old school, but I particularly love hand written notes, they can be kept for a long time and re-read at anytime. You can write something heartfelt for your significant other, telling them how special they are to you or how much impact they've made in your life. In fact you can go all out and write 100 reasons why you love them. Write something that will make their heart melt.

#2. Random notes/texts
This is quite similar to the heartfelt love note, but this is broken down into small portions. If you're away, you can send romantic/loving text messages at intervals (maybe every hour?) to your significant other (great for long distance relationships), this will surely keep them on their toes all day wondering what you will say next. You can try hiding little notes around the house where they can easily find it, sort of like a personalized Valentine's scavenger hunt. Try adding some candy/chocolate to each note to keep things yummy.

#3. Reminisce together
If you and your significant other have been together for years, you most likely would have gathered some significant moments/memories over time. Spend time together looking at old pictures, reminiscing on when you both first met. Listen to songs that meant a lot to you both in your earlier days and watch those "head in the clouds" feelings resurface.

#4. Home spa
Turn your home into a spa for the evening. Get scented oils and scented candles, compile a playlist of all your favorite romantic songs, songs that hold meaning to you both and give each other massages. Get a bottle of wine and some edible treats and just bask in each others company.

#5. Music mix
Most couples either have a particular song they term "our song" or they have a particular artiste they both like. You can create a playlist for your significant other with all your favorite songs. Make sure you add songs that express how you feel about them.

#6. Coupon card
I saw this idea online and I absolutely loved it. Create coupon cards for your partner; giving them the opportunity to claim "gifts/gestures" whenever they want. Make multiple coupons e.g. a coupon for a thousand hugs/kisses, back/foot massage, any meal of their choice, a "get out of jail free card" or a promise to be the first to call/text for a week straight. Be creative and have fun with it.

This post was originally posted in 2015, but i'm sure you will agree with me that these ideas are timeless, hence my decision to re-post.

Do you have any other "no cost" ideas for valentine's day? Please share them in the comment section.

Happy Valentine's day in advance guys!

Hugs and purple *mwah's*

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