My First Blogging Event; The CAG Bloggers Forum


You know how you never realize something exists until you start using it/become a part of it? That's how I never knew there was anything like a bloggers community until I started blogging.

Before I moved to Lagos, I always lamented about all the blogger meet-ups I was missing, because all the blogger related events seemed to take place in Lagos and this was one of the reasons I was eager to move to Lagos. So when I saw an ad for a bloggers forum organized by Colours and Grey (CAG) on Instagram, I knew I just had to make my debut into the blogging events world.

Why did I choose to attend?
First of all, the promises of all the things to be taught. Learning is a never ending process and even if you think you know it all, you don't. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to improve myself and my blog. 

Secondly, and I am not ashamed to say this, the goody bags. Yes oh! Please tell me one person you know that doesn't like free gifts? Exactly! No such person exists, and I must say this, the content of the goody bag saved me a lot of bucks because most of the things in it where on my "to buy" list.

One major reason for events like these is to meet and network with other bloggers. Did I do that? ermmm, not really...I only spoke to a few of the bloggers in attendance and didn't do much networking after the event. I guess I still have a long way to go with this shyness/introvert issue. We've tackled it online, now we have to find a way tackle it offline too. I'll definitely work on it and be armed with my "people person" attitude for the next bloggers event I attend.

What I got from the event?
A collaboration with a health and wellness brand (more information coming up soon) because I was the first to get to the venue! Whoop! Being an early bird definitely has its perks!

Knowledge! Lots and lots of it. The knowledge gaining started from the make up tutorial given by Zaron. It was really enlightening. Do you use any Zaron products? What's your experience with them? I'll be doing a review of a couple of their products that I found in my goody bag soon.

After the makeup tutorial, the major knowledge gaining began. I learned so much about the latest digital marketing trends that can help with better Google optimization and increase in blog traffic. I also got some tips on working with brands, so you'll be seeing a few collaborations pretty soon.

The lesson about having a good social media presence stuck with me the most and I have resolved to do better with my social media, so help me God *hand on chest*. Be sure to follow me on all platforms @aby_purpleheart, so we can stay connected away from the blog.

Small chops! What is an event like this without small chops?! The small chops came at the right time because we were all famished. I practically swallowed each piece, not just because of hunger but because they were so yummy, especially the cake by ibakecakesignatures. Oh dear! I'm still drooling at the thought of it.

A goody bag containing some Zaron cosmetics (reviews coming soon), coconut oil and hair clips, a chocolate bar from The ChocBoy (I did a mini review of the chocolate bar on my Instagram page), a bottle of body mist from La'Fame Accoutre.

The bloggers forum took place at The Plectrum Hub in Ikeja, check them out on Instagram if you're looking to rent an office space or a space for your meetings/conference, it's a super cosy place with free WiFi and their rates are surprisingly reasonable.

Bloggers in attendance?
Alex of Nappyhaired, Ify of Ifysmusings, Tonye of the tonyeigbani, Evetonnia of The Moonwalker Talks. Mysranne, Oyinfierce of Onyinkan's Views, Thonia of Thoniabankz, Tosin of Tosin Olaniyi, GraysBibi of  graysbibishotit, Theblackwriter, Joke Adegoke of Joke Adegoke, Ilamosi of My Style Look Book Series, Alex of Saturday Chronicles, Deedee of Deedee's blog and a few others.

Will I attend another bloggers forum?
Definitely! If it promises to deliver things that will be of value to the growth of my blog and to me as a blogger and also not just for the goody bag and small chops...hehe.

I would say, my first blogging event was amazeballs, and I am totally glad I took this leap. Plenty thanks to Alice of Colours and Grey for putting it together. Check out a few pictures from the event below (Images by amazing photographers, Deedee of Deedee's blog and GraysBibi of  graysbibishotit)

Small chops!

Cake by ibakecakesignatures. Gorgeous isn't it?

Goody bag content

Alice of Colours and Grey

Makeup tutorials

What event have you attended for the first time? Was it worth your time? Share with me in the comments section below.

Truly yours,
*hugs and purple "mwah's"*


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3 thoughts

  1. When did this happen??? Would have really want to meet you ooo.
    Make sure to inform me if there is another even so we can meet BTW, where are the remaining chops don't tell me you finished everything without US? and why are there only few guys? Hmmm

  2. Thank you very much Aby for the review and the kind words, I can't wait to do this again in September and have you around again!!! Good to meet you and I am glad you're putting to great use what you learnt!!! Wishing you all the best 😘😘😘

  3. Great one dear. You're such an amazing person. Looking forward to meeting you sometime again. A collab, maybe? Xoxo


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