4 Years of Blogging; How it Started


I started this blog just as my I.T. (Industrial raining) was about to begin in July of 2012. I wanted to achieve something apart from I.T. after the 6 months, so I launched a fashion blog...

I loved fashion ( I still really do), and I decided to create a blog that helped people, fashion-wise, by giving tips and advice on what to wear and how to wear it. I figured the best way to start this was by helping women know how best to dress for their body type, along the line I decided to get men in on the action (click here to check out the body type series).

I realized that my interests went way beyond fashion and into other aspects of life, this made me decide to extend my hand of inspiration to relationships and life in general. I had been told that I was quite funny, and honestly I actually crack myself up sometimes, so I decided to let the witty talkative's in my head make a few appearances on the blog with a few humorous posts here and there. Most of which are in the "Rants and Bants" section of this blog.

If you look back on my old blog posts, you might notice the rigidity and seriousness in the tone of writing, this was because I was still totally cyber shy and overly conscious of the things I wrote.
Over time I have learned to relax and be myself, I don't give my blog posts so much thought like i'm writing a term paper anymore, I let the words flow as they come to mind. This has helped me a great deal in being more expressive, which is one of the lessons I've learnt in my four years as a blogger, I wrote a blog post about the four ways blogging has helped me (click here if you missed it) and I just realized the coincidence- FOUR lessons learned in my FOUR years of blogging, hehe...pretty cool.

So officially, my blog turned four years old on the 24th of July.

*throws confetti, pops streamers, pops champagne, does the shuffle and the chacha*

I should probably go all cliche and say "it seems just like yesterday that I started this blog" but nah! It doesn't seem like yesterday. It has been a long and not so easy journey, tiring at some times, the temptation to quit really strong at other times, but my passion and need to inspire others was stronger than these negative feelings.

It hasn't been easy and I must say I am really happy that I was able to hold on to the blog for this long because there are great things to come. I have decided to start taking my blogging even more seriously than before. Yea I know, it took me four years to decide to take the blog seriously, but like they say "better late than never".

I made the first step on the journey to blogging better on the 25th of June by attending the CAG Bloggers Forum, if you follow me on instagram (@aby_purpleheart) you would have seen a post about it. But not to worry, a blog post about the forum is coming very soon.

In celebration of my fourth blog anniversary, i'll be giving away some free things/services this month, so watch out, and keep following my posts to stay updated. You should also follow me on social media just in case you miss the posts (links below).

On a final and encouraging note from my Purpleheart to you:
Whatever project or venture you want to start, as long as you are passionate about it, do not relent, keep up the work. It is okay for you to feel unmotivated and lazy, you might find yourself abandoning the project for a few days or even months, it's okay, because when things get difficult, the drive and zeal to continue is scarce, but never abandon your projects for too long. Make sure you never give up because as cliche as it may sound, your hard work will ALWAYS pay off eventually. Trust me on this one.

Truly yours,
*hugs and purple "mwah's"*


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8 thoughts

  1. Thanks for the encouragement and Congratulations on your achievements. Greater heights you will attain in Jesus Name, Amen. Your consistency and passion is awe inspiring. Weldone!

  2. This is beautiful
    Happy blogiversary to you, Miss Purple Heart
    I started up my blog one week ago and I'm.still trying to find my feet but I know I would
    Thank you for this
    And best of luck 🍀

  3. Really inspiring words, wish you the best in all endeavors, cheers!!

  4. I reli do like your blog.. You know how to open up to us.


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