Lacey Goodness in T.I. Nathan's "LACEY" Collection


TI Nathan is one Nigerian designer I have always admired. His designs are always unique, minimalist and never fail to grab your attention, so you can imagine why it was love at first sight for me with his "LACEY" collection. I literally had butterflies in my belly when I saw the pictures on twitter. I loved what I saw so much that I just HAD to blog about it.

The lace used is so elegant, and the combination with the nude brown is just pure genius. The combination gave room for the white lace to be the center of attention, which I'm sure was clearly the aim of the designer.

Notice how perfectly the models (Beautician, Leylarh Cadne and Model, Seun Logan)
wore the outfits? According to the designer, the models where his muses for this collection and their personalities guided his creative process, this totally explains why they wore these pieces so effortlessly.

And can I state the very obvious fact that white looks pristine and perfect against chocolate brown skin? Can someone say Melanin Poppin!!!

Describing this collection in one word; BREATHTAKING! Every single one of the female pieces is a must have for me.

View photos of this collection below so you'll understand what i'm rambling about and why.

Truly yours,
*hugs and purple "mwah's"*


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4 thoughts

  1. The white lace is perfection. Wearable pieces!!

  2. I love it! I can see a few i would actually rock. The lace top and pants especially

  3. Gosh. Everything about this pieces is jaw dropping. Would totally rock them.
    Laitanbee Blog


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