Love Songs That Will Make Your Love Rock


I'm a sucker for love. Maybe it's a result of being a valentine's baby, who knows?!
I love romantic songs, especially those ones with really meaningful and deep words. You know the ones i'm talking about right?

I realized that love songs can help you express those intense feelings in your heart for your partner. I guess that's why people dedicate songs on radio shows or play selected songs for people.
There are some love songs that just make you want to fall in love if you aren't and there are those that make you think about your partner and you can't help falling in love with them some more. Love songs are actually that powerful.

So if you find that you are short of words to express how you feel to your partner, just listen to your favorite love song and pick out those lines that just take the words right out of your heart. You can send it as a text, call to say it or write it in a good old fashioned love note.

I currently have a few favorite love songs that have been making frequent appearances on my playlist. They have beautiful words and I just had to share them with you, I also added a few lines from the song to wet your love song appetite.

The Vow - Timi Dakolo
"..there's nothing in this world compared to the joy I have whenever i'm with you... give me so much happiness and I want to give you nothing less...
I promise to be true, to give my all to you, no matter what they say, this heart belongs to you" 

My Beautiful Love - Johnny Drille
"I can't explain what i'm feeling but I know it is real... darling, you make my dreams come true, and I go do anything for you...
...hold my hand make I hold yours make you no worry you no go fall

Love Don't lie - Johnny Drille
"...don't worry i'll be here and I  will catch you if you fall... love is true, my love is for you, cos I will move this mountain just for you..."

All you need to know - Shane Filan 
"I can't know everything you want, but i'll give you everything I've gotten,
I will be your shoulder to cry on, I'll be there to carry you home..."

I Love You (Yes I Do) - Timi Dakolo
"...i'm here in your arms, there's no sense of time...
In a every way I try, to make you proud you're mine...

If you haven't heard these songs, you MUST download them right away! Sing/play them for your partner or steal one or two lines from them and send as a message. Thank me later.

So do you have any favorite love songs? Share with me in the comments section.

Truly yours,
*hugs and purple "mwah's"*


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2 thoughts

  1. I have lots of love songs but 4 favorites: Lionel Richie, Diana Ross (Endless Love) this particular song takes me places. Iyaz and Charice (Pyramid), Katy Perry (Unconditionally), Ed-Sheeran (Thinking Out Loud).

    1. Yes! They're great songs. They all have beautiful words.


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