How Do You Handle Your Mood Swings?


That is if you have any. I've been struggling for a while with my moods, and I try not to let it affect my productivity, and no, it's not "that time of the month".
Mood swings aren't nice things, l
ike a friend of mine will call it mood "jangolova", and it's not something to brag about like "yea, I have really sick mood swings that can last daysss" nah fam, nobody really likes being around a mood swung person.

Mood swings can be caused by several things. People have mood swings for no reason, some have for silly reasons and some for more serious reasons although some people are just plain crazy. Some people have chronic mood swings, while others have mild ones, what category do you fall into? I think i'm mild.

You can get a mood swing when you realize that the state of your bank account is a cry for help, which seems to be the reason for most Nigerians moods these days to be honest. Mood swings can happen when someone says something slightly annoying, it could be so slight that you won't even know that it's changing your mood. Your current situation can cause a mood swing if it's unpleasant or if you're not getting a desired result from something. 

There are a host of reasons why a person might be having a mood swing, although there are times when there is no reason at all and the person just wants to be quiet. Yea, you'll get that a lot with mood-swing prone people and people who don't have mood swings usually find it difficult to understand.
What is usually the cause of your mood swing?

When you have a mood swing, try and identify the cause. Most times I actually just want to wallow in it sha, and just be sad and gloomy, but if I really want to get anything done, I have to snap out of it. A lot of times my mood swings happen and I have to retrace my mental steps to the last thing I thought about or the last person I spoke to, once I pinpoint the reason, I already feel slightly better.

Having a mood swing can either leave you feeling lazy and "not in the mood to do anything" or it can actually fuel you to being productive, when it leaves you feeling lazy, you might have to put conscious effort into coming out of the mood yourself.

When i'm consciously trying to come out of a mood, I have to literally give myself a mini pep talk as to why I shouldn't be feeling down about whatever caused the mood swing. It's really not as easy as I'm writing it, but with conscious effort, it works

Personally, I think It's easier to deal with the swings alone because I realized, and most people have told me, that my bad mood is contagious and whenever I'm moody, I make them moody. I have had issues with friends because of my moods. So I would rather deal with it alone than with someone who may not understand and is complaining about me being moody.
There are times when you would actually need to be around people to brighten up you mood, but unless you really want to come out of the mood swing, being around a thousand people in a circus will not work.
I've researched on how to be a happier person, but I realized that mood swings don't necessarily mean you are sad because I noticed that there are times when I'm actually happy and things are going good but I still get moody, so i've concluded that it's just the way it is.

Having a mood swing does not mean you are not an optimistic person, because I'm one of the most optimistic people I know but yet I get mood swings, there's really no explanation as to why mood swings can't be "permanently cured", that's just the way it is.

I've learnt to accept the fact that this is just who I am, and try as i might, I can't change the fact that I have mood swings, I can only put effort into managing it, so that it doesn't affect my productivity and relationship with people around me. 

I try to understand myself and understand the things that get me moody, I avoid them as much as possible and if I do happen to fall into a mood swing I device methods to getting myself out if these moods by giving myself a pep talk, watching something funny, reading a book, or going out with a friend. But I can only come out of a mood if I WANT to. The same goes for you too, unless you fight that mental demon that makes you want to wallow in moodiness, you might not come out of your mood swing fast enough.

So tell me fellow moody one, how do you handle your mood swings?

Truly yours,
*hugs and purple "mwah's"*

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  1. My friend calls me queen of moodswings. Sometimes it gets so bad I shut everyone out. Im learning how to get out of it but hey its a gradual process.

    1. Yea, it is a very gradual process, best is to know how to handle it when it happens.

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