Dear Future Husband, It's The Little Things...


Dear future husband,

I know when we meet, before we get married you will ask me what you can do to make me happy (you better ask!), so i'm going to answer you ahead of time, just to give you small "expo".
The major thing I want you to know, dear future love of my life, is that it's the little things that will make the most impact. What do I mean? Keep reading to find out.

Communicate with me
I love having conversation, I want you to talk to me, tell me everything that goes on with you, down to the most ridiculous detail, because I'll be filling your ears with tales of my own. Even if we are away from each other for months, I want to feel like we're together in the same room, I want to be part of everything you do whether i'm with you or not.
I love to stay in contact, whether we're far from each other or in the same city, and I will try as much as possible not to bombard your phone with calls and texts (no promises), so I would really appreciate random texts and calls telling me how your day is going or telling me about something funny you just saw. You have no idea how happy this will make me.

Show affection
I'm a lover girl and even if you may not be a "lovey dovey" guy, please put in the effort for me. Yes, I know you love me, and will always love me, but that doesn't mean you should stop telling me. I want to keep hearing it, I want to keep seeing it in your actions and little gestures. I want to keep hearing it! (I had to mention that again)

Gifts, gifts, gifts
No baby, i'm not materialistic, but who doesn't enjoy receiving gifts from the love of their life? I don't even want you to buy me the expensive stuff (well I do, but that's not the point here). Little gifts like chocolates or a notepad or something you know I need. It can be a  funny, quirky, thoughtful gift that doesn't necessarily have to be expensive...shey you get? To me, it's the thought that counts.

Pay attention
There's nothing that will melt my heart more than when you remember/notice the little details about me. Remember something I said last month, remember that there is something I need to do or buy (offer to help too). Notice the littlest things about me, little scars, the way one of my eyes crinkles more than the other when I laugh...all this shows that you pay attention.

Be my number 1 fan.
I know you'll probably be busy but that is not an excuse really, you MUST be my number one supporter in any and everything I want to venture in. It doesn't matter how little my ambitions look compared to yours, if i'm planning to sell pepper, you will give me all the advice and support I need, you will also be my number one marketer.

Be a helpmate
It would be totally amazing if you make it your duty to help me out in everything (because duh! that's in your job description as a partner/husband). I should't have to say this but I understand that sometimes you may forget or maybe be carried away with a soccer match or something else. Help out with chores, cooking, grocery shopping, our beautiful kids and everything else really.

Like a mentioned earlier, I'm a lover girl, so you are guaranteed to get everything I have mentioned above and even more from me. We're going to have an amazing life together, just so you know.

I may not have mentioned everything, but over time, you will get to know the rest, but in the meantime kindly watch the video below of Sisi Yemmie talking on "How to make your wife crazy about you".

Lots of Love with plenty hugs and kisses,
Your future wifey.

Is there anything you would like to say to your future husband? Share it with me in the comments section. If you would like to say something to your present husband and I haven't already written it, you can also write it in the comments section and use style to show him this post.

Truly yours,
*hugs and purple "mwah's"*


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6 thoughts

  1. Good stuff. I'm already "guilty" of all of them oh. Lol Abby I have to market mysef.

    1. Yes oh! I will help you loud it.


      Lol...thanks for reading Bonamerigo

  2. Well said. This is a guideline for all the future husbands.


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