Colored Socks, Happy Feet. (Men's Fashion)


I am here to preach the gospel of colored socks. If you know me well, you would know I love men's fashion and I totally love seeing a well dressed man. Now picture a well dressed man sitting crossed leg with beautiful colored socks peeping from under his trousers *sigh*

I fell in love with colored socks the very first time I saw it on a guy. Colored socks are a bit daring I agree, and they tend to really stand out in an outfit, but that is exactly the point! You can have dull colors all through your outfit and then *KAPOW!* you're hit with colored socks. It's just beautiful. *wipes lone teardrop*

If you're the reserved type and don't like the attention that comes with a burst of colors, you can try calmer colors as seen directly above and directly below. These calmer colors are also work appropriate, so you can wear them to the office without being worried about the stares and questioning looks you'll get from your boss and co-workers.

You can also spice up your wedding by getting colored socks for your groomsmen. Who says the bride and her bridesmaids are the only ones allowed to have fun with colors?! 

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It's also a great way to match up with the bridesmaids.

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Colored socks will add some class and spunk to your wedding pictures, and if you have an awesome photographer, you would totally love when the pictures are out.

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The bottom line of this post is that colored socks are great and you should definitely get yourself a pair or ten. My guy, Biola will hook you up with really nice and affordable ones, so if you're interested --> 07063872156. Let's make those feet happy!

Truly yours,
*hugs and purple "mwah's"*


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