What's The Silliest Thing You've Ever Believed?


We heard a lot of tales when growing up and out of our ignorance or lack of knowledge we believed these tales. Some of us even carried this belief to adulthood, the most popular one for us girls was "if a boy touches you, you'll get pregnant".

When I was younger, my cousin made me believe that if I touched the joysticks on a PS game pad i'll start floating in the air and won't be able to get down for hours. I never touched that game pad again and it took me a few years to realize he wasn't being serious, lol.

I believed the tooth fairy existed, I actually used to put my fallen tooth under my pillow, yea I know you're like "in Nigeria?!" Well you can't blame a kid for dreaming can you?

As a child, I used to think the trafficator on a car came on by itself and the car knew if you were going to turn left or right. Didn't know you actually had to push the stick *covers face*

So I asked a few friends of mine this question and i'm honestly still reeling with laughter at their responses. I shall withhold some names so as not to taint reputations hehehe. Here's what they had to say...

"I used to think women got pregnant by the emitting/exchange of sweat during intense cuddling. I had this belief till secondary school. Why? You know how we grew up watching Nigerian movies where the sexual scenes looked like rough play and they didn't show anything more than two people cuddling and kissing. I legit thought that was all  -Anonymous"

"So I used to believe that sitting in the same pool or bath tub with a girl could get her pregnant. In my defense, I was young. I also believed that looking at mirrors at night was a bad omen. -Bonamerigo"

"I remember when they used to talk about rapture, saying the trumpet can blow at any time and before the trumpet blows, say 2 minutes before, you can ask God for mercy and you'll be raptured, so anytime the sky got dark, I would quickly kneel down and ask God for mercy -Biola"

"You know those guys that would sell rings and say you can use it to get any girl? Well I was in secondary school, got the ring in JSS3, got home for long hols and wanted to try it on this hot cousin that was my senior. So I put the ring on and went to touch her, then went to my room to lie down. Next thing I saw was her and this massive slippers, she beat craze out of me -Barney" 

So it's your turn! What is the silliest thing you've ever believed or made someone else believe??? Let me know in the comments section.

Truly yours,
*hugs and purple "mwah's"*


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6 thoughts

  1. Lmaooo, the trafficator killed me though. I also have another weird one. I used to believe that men had a maximum number of orgasms per lifetime.. So I used to ...you know, take it easy with the shuffles. I read that on the internet funny enough. You just don't have to trust everything you read.

    1. Lol! You really shouldn't trust everything you read

  2. Loool! These are all so funny! I can't think of anyone right now though but loved reading this.


  3. Mine was if you are in the airplane do not talk so that particles of shit will not enter your mouth, because i just could not comprehend how they do waste disposal on a plane and i believed it for a very long time.


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