The Highlites with IK Experience


I love IK. I don’t care whatever meaning you read into that, he’s just amazing at what he does, I always enjoy watching shows he anchors, so you can imagine my absolute delight when his TV Show, Highlites with IK, started airing.

You don't know about Highlites with IK? Where have you been??? Anyway, it is a night time live show that is fun filled and really exciting. I love that it breaks away from the norm of most TV shows in Nigeria. There's really never a dull moment on the show and I try as much as possible not to miss an episode on TV because it never fails to give me a good laugh. 

I was beyond ecstatic when a friend of mine invited me to the live recording. Thanks Peter! And shout out to the world's best boss who allowed me close from work slightly early, and no, i'm not trying to get a salary raise...or maybe I am (^_^).

So I attended the live recording for the show sometime last week, and yup! You guessed it, it was so much fun, my face was literally hurting from laughing so much, I started laughing even before the camera started rolling because off camera and on camera, it was an all-round amazing experience. 

IK has this personality that you just resonate with and have no choice but to love, unless you're a bitter person sha. He was warm and friendly and had a way of making his audience comfortable and relaxed, even though he spoke to us collectively, it kind of felt like he was talking to each person individually, at least that's how I felt, I don't know how he does it...well, let's just say the guy is talented, gifted and just too good. Okay enough of the hyping. 

Highlites with IK has three segments, the first is the News segment. The fact that it's news doesn't make it any less hilarious, it's funny, lighthearted and really entertaining! 
Then we have the segment where the invited guests come on stage and chit chat with IK. Now here's one really cool thing about HighLites, there's a game to be played with the invited guests on EVERY episode, it's just amazing and trust me, very entertaining!
Finally, the show ends with a performance, usually musical, by an artiste.
These are the three major segments, but in-between all these, there are bits and pieces of fun and short skits, depending on the theme for the show.

Have I wet your appetite enough yet? Okay now set your reminders for 9:30pm on Friday, showing on African Magic 151 and you can also catch reruns of the show on Saturday by 9:15pm and Wednesday by 11:00pm. When you watch one episode, come back and tell me how much you enjoyed it. Trust me, the whole show is worth every second of your time. If you're not able to catch it on TV, you can watch clips from different episodes HERE.

The next live recording will be happening first week of June at Muson Centre, if you would like to attend shoot me an e-mail 

Truly Yours,
*hugs and purple "mwah's"*

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