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I'm a Lagos JJC, and before I arrived here, there were so many things I had heard about and looked forward to experiencing, one of which was using Uber. I finally had my first ride last weekend and it was quite eventful. What is Uber? Keep reading to find out.

Uber is an online transportation network that allows everyday people use their personal cars to transport people to their destination. I don't know all the nitty gritty about how you register to become an Uber driver though, but you can check their website for more information.

So I requested for an Uber driver using the app (available for iPhone and android btw) and he arrived within a few minutes.

I used to see jokes on twitter about how over zealous Uber drivers can be, trying to make sure your ride is comfortable, practically asking if the sun is too hot and if they should reduce it, and it is actually true! My Uber driver made sure I was comfortable, asked if the AC was too cold even offered me a power bank to charge my phone. Why do they do this? My guess is so that you can give them a good rating/review on the app after the ride.

Anyway, so after my Uber driver had made sure I was all comfortable, we were going on our merry way when a female police officer suddenly stood in front of the vehicle stopping us, what happened? She said the driver ran a red light. (If I had written this in his review on the app, i'm sure it would have cost him a lot, but i'm nice so I didn't). My snapchat video was on, and the female police officer goes "madam why are you videoing me?" Ah! I immediately flashed back to all the videos on social media exposing police officers and their "bad behaviour" I quickly said "no oh!" and switched it off, can't have my ride be delayed for longer than necessary, only God knew how much the ride was going to cost me after this unplanned delay.

So we were stopped, and my Uber time was running, I became impatient. Apparently the traffic light turned red when my Uber driver had already passed the light, plenty explanation and begging later, we were on our way again.

We finally got to my destination and he stopped the timer on the Uber app. The price wasn't as much as I had feared, but a miracle happened, ladies and gentleman Uber gave me a huge discount on my first ride, I was so shocked I honestly did't know they did that. My fare was N2,750 and I got a N2,500 discount, so basically I paid N250 for my ride.

I felt a little bad for my Uber driver as he tried reversing out of my street though, the street is quite narrow and it's quite difficult to reverse so he kinda got stuck trying to navigate the car, I don't know if i should have stayed to make sure he got out okay...but I didn't, besides I already used up one "niceness card" by not giving him a bad review.

So what is the moral of my post? Well none really, but you can get a few benefits of using Uber from my experience:
1. The ride comes in good time. This depends on how close the driver is to you though. Sometimes you may have to wait...but from my experience, the wait time hasn't been more than 7 minutes.

2. It's comfortable. Did I mention the cars used are usually nice cars, with air conditions in full blast, so you don't have to worry about the hot burning sun, plus the drivers ensure you have a smooth ride, they even go as far as wanting to adjust your seat for you so you're relaxed.

3. It's reasonably priced. Although the price range depends on what level you're using, but the economy rides are priced reasonably and even if there's an extra charge because of traffic, it won't be so much.

4. You arrive in style. If you're going for an event and don't want to jump danfo buses, bike, keke or the regular not so good looking cabs, this is a very nice alternative

Benefits of being an Uber driver? You'll have to check their website for that, i'm guessing it' really well paying.

So guys, if you've not downloaded the Uber app yet, you definitely should, and if you want N2000 off your first Uber ride, you can use my promo code:


So what was your first Uber experience like? And if you haven't had one yet come back and share the experience with me when you do get your first Uber ride. 

P.S: This is not a sponsored post.

Truly yours,
*hugs and purple "mwah's"*


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  1. yeee!! first to i had my first Uber ride with Miss purpleheart and believe me i feel posh arriving in grand style and yes the driver was so nice and i was beginning to imagine if they have known each other before... for the poshness it makes you feel the money is cheap. I enjoyed my first Uber Ride pls

  2. This would have been a good sponsored post though lol! Nicely reviewed!

  3. I like the way you coherently led me to the end of your post. Great articulating skill👈

    1. LOL. Thanks a lot Gibbs! Thanks for stopping by :)


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