I Woke Up Laughing


Ever had a dream that wakes you up with a laugh or at least a wide smile on your face? Those are the best kind of dreams if you ask me, partly because I love laughing and partly because I think having funny dreams are a sign of balanced emotional mind and happiness…just my personal diagnosis though, no scientific bla bla to back it up.

This post was inspired on Sunday evening after I woke up from a very sweet nap, by the way, we have to talk about how amazing God is with the way He made Sunday naps to be so sweet. It is really a day for rest indeed! 
Anyway, back to my beautiful nap, which I’m sure was partly caused by the sweet Sunday rice I had beforehand. Everything about Sunday is just perfect really…*sigh* Okay I’ll stop gushing about Sunday and get to the dream.

I don't usually remember every single detail of my dreams, just bits and pieces,  but good thing I remember the funny part of this dream. So a really big bellied, fat man was in my house, apparently he was my landlord and he was pissed at me for something, this fat man decided to start pushing me round the house...and here's the funny part...WITH HIS BELLY! LOL! Yes, his belly was that protruded! It seems that was the only way he could express his annoyance, I laughed hysterically in the dream and also when I woke up. 

This dream actually has no relationship with anything happening in real life, so it wasn't one of those dreams you have because you've been thinking about a particular thing. I guess God just wanted to give me a comedy show and of course give me something to blog about.

I would definitely love that!

I would definitely love if my pillow could record my dreams, I would have such an amazing time watching them, I'll just skip through the bad ones and watch all the funny ones like the one I had on this sweet Sunday.

If you can remember any of your funny dreams, I would totally love to hear about them. Let’s share and have a good laugh together.

Truly yours,
*hugs and purple "mwah's"*

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