Consistency Pays...Eventually


It's really easy to say "i'm going to start being consistent with xyz task". It's a whole lot easier said than done. I'm sure at some point or other you have struggled with staying consistent with something. I have too, so many times!

So, while trying to tackle my issue of not being consistent with certain things, a few things came to my mind as the major reasons for my inconsistency...

Fear of not getting the required results-
For me, this mostly happens in the aspect of exercising/working out, I actually enjoy working out, apart from the fact hat it keeps me energized, I also want to get that flat tummy and tight behind you know?! This should be enough motivation for me right? But then I fear that after all the effort put into working out, I won't get the desired result or that when I get it, it won't last. This problem can also be related to most other situations. Take blogging for instance, you expect that after typing a blog post that in your opinion is totally amazeballs, it should get at least a million views and a thousand comments, but reality comes nothing close, and this can cause reluctance to continue and fear of undesired results.

What you should do: Like Nike says, "Just Do It!" Just move, keep find something you enjoy about the process and don't put too much thought on your expectations.

Ah, this is a very common problem with staying consistent, yes...this is me speaking from experience. So many times I'm just too lazy to get up and get doing, this laziness of a thing is a demon that needs to be battled honestly. I don't need to talk plenty on this one because I know almost everybody has gone through this phase.

What you can do: After setting tasks, attach little prices/treats for yourself at the completion of every task or when you reach certain milestones, you can also take note of the time of the day you are most productive and make good use of those hours.

This is another common problem with staying consistent. Humans tend to want quick and fast results. Forgetting that getting to the required goal is a process, and often times it is a very long process that requires a truck load of patience. Some may be lucky to get their results immediately they begin their journey, but like the saying goes, nothing good comes easy, you just have to keep on pushing.

What you should do: Keep in mind that great things take time, just enjoy the process.

This post was written to encourage you, yes you, that has been battling with being consistent. As someone who has experienced all three problems that cause inconsistency, I just want to encourage you to keep on pushing, eventually everything will fall in place, don't give up just yet.
As each day goes by, it may seem like no progress is being made, but then one day you will look back and see that so much has been achieved and growth has been attained.

I'm still on my consistency journey, will you join me?

Truly yours
*hugs and purple "mwah's"*


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4 thoughts

  1. Hello Aby,

    Thanks for the encouraging words, this has lifted my spirit BIG TIME, your purple heart really does a lot.

    I hope you're doing great?

    Saminu Recently posted...Spaces: Introducing Google’s New Messaging App

    1. Hi Eedris!
      I'm glad the post helped. Thank you for reading!

  2. This is really inspiring, thanks a lot for sharing. Consistency really pays.

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