The Three Magic Words


When I was much younger, I was taught to always say the three "magic words", and I’m sure most of you can relate with this. Whenever I asked or requested for something, my elder brother or sister will reply with "what’s the magic word?" or whenever someone gave me a gift my mother will always ask me "what do you say to aunty/uncle?"

My dad told me that saying "I’m sorry" whenever you're wrong is very important, he said even if you're not wrong, those words will always calm any storm. This has stuck with me since then.

The three magic words (or phrases as the case may be)

I’ve come to realize that these words are indeed magical, and I seriously doubt they will lose their magical "powers" anytime soon. The effect they have on situations is really amazing, but this effect is guaranteed only when they are said with a sincere heart.

Asking for a favor without this word can come across as a command and nobody likes being commanded or bossed around, I certainly don't. We should learn to always add “please” to all our requests, no matter how little or insignificant we think the request is, even if you are asking something of your subordinate or someone younger than you, trust me it will go a long way. The word 'please' is definitely not limited to a certain age group or social status.

Sometimes I thank people even when I don’t need to. I think it is important to imbibe the attitude of gratitude in our everyday lives. If someone does something big for you, thank them, if someone does something small for you, thank them, If someone renders some sort of service to you, even if it is their job to do so, still show gratitude, a "thank you" wouldn't hurt. Showing genuine gratitude to people encourages them to want to do more for you when the need arises. 
Most importantly, we should also form the habit for thanking God daily for the gift of life. If saying thank you to humans goes a long way, you can imagine how much God will do for you when you thank Him daily.

Unless someone is seriously out to frustrate you, the words “I’m sorry” can calm any (okay almost any) storm. "I'm sorry" can and should be used from the not so serious to extremely terrible situations. "I'm sorry" may not suffice in certain situations, but it goes a long way to showing that you understand your offence and are sincerely sorry. The keyword there is "sincere".

The trick to having these magic words work for you is to say them with all sincerity in your heart. Go on and try it, give yourself the challenge to consciously say a 'please', a 'thank you' and an 'i'm sorry' and watch magic happen.

If you have any stories or experiences that have to do with these magic words, you know I would love to hear them right? Just drop your comment down below and let's talk.

Thank you for making it to the end of this post, you're awesome!

Truly yours,
-hugs and purple *mwah's*-

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2 thoughts

  1. Hiya Aby. Nice Post.. I remember when i combined the three magic words together in a bus, thank God i came out of the bus untouched. The way people were rushing inside a bus made me mistakenly step on this man's leg, not just that. Someone pushed me and i hit my head to his. Mehn my spirit almost jumped out of me and i turned white (like tom & jerry). Immediately, i put my hands together and started doing the Indian shaking Head and said "Please I am sorry" like 4 times with a sincere heart cos i didn't want to get the beating of my life. He calmed down, just like when Jesus said to the storm "peace be still" and i capped it with like 10 "thank you's" till i got to my seat. He later smiled and paid for my fare. Everybody in the bus was shocked and told me to go to church for Thanksgiving. So my dear, i agree, the 3 magic words work perfectly well. 

  2. Wow. Those three words always work like magic. Thanks for the post. Have always been an addicted reader. My first comment ever. Hurray! Check out mine blog.

    love u.


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