Relationship Tips From Salsa Dancing


I wrote in a post some time ago that I started taking salsa dance lessons. During the course of these lessons, I realized that the salsa dance kind of portrays a relationship. It gives a picture, to an extent of how the ideal romantic relationship between a man and woman should be. 

Realistically speaking, we know there is no such thing as a perfect relationship and I believe every couple is striving for perfection or something close to it.

First of all, Salsa is a very sensual and sexy dance, and for the dance to be beautiful, it requires a lot of chemistry and connection between the dancers. Like I’ve mentioned above, salsa is in many ways an example of how a relationship should be and I’ll tell you how.
*stretches hand out* let’s go salsa dancing in the remaining part of this post shall we?! 

In salsa…The man leads. He is regarded as the frame; the frame holds the picture firm and also adds beauty to the picture.
In a relationship… The man is seen as the driver and the head, he is seen as the one that makes most of the decisions (after consulting the woman of course)

In salsa… The woman follows the man’s lead. She is the picture in the frame; she makes him look good.
In a relationship… The woman is said to be the man’s support system, she makes him look good with her elegance and beauty.

In salsa… They both put in energy to make the dance look clean and smooth. Like two forces joining together to create one movement
In a relationship… A relationship cannot thrive with just one person’s effort, the man and the woman both put in effort and do whatever it takes to create a successful relationship or marriage.

In salsa…The man gives room for the lady to dance, show herself and shine
In a relationship… A man takes pride in his woman and always gives her the opportunity to express herself.

In salsa… Both partners have trust in each other. There are certain dips, spins and sometimes lifts that will be initiated by the man, the woman has to learn to trust him completely at that point and trust that he will not let her fall. The man trusts that the woman will have enough confidence in his abilities and not be afraid.
In a relationship… Partners are confident in each other and trust that the other person will always be there to support and will never let them down.

In salsa… The dance looks beautiful when partners have great connection, chemistry and understand each other’s movements.
In a relationship… Communication and connection is very vital for it to be a success.

In salsa…A couple always enjoys the dance and movement, they lose themselves in the music and enjoy dancing with each other.
In a relationship…Partners enjoy each other’s company, they immerse and soak themselves in each other love and attention and have fun while doing it.

So you see what I mean?! 
I absolutely love dancing salsa, and i'm hoping to become a pro someday.

Tell me what you think about salsa dance in the comments below. Eagerly waiting to read your comments.

Truly yours,
-hugs and purple *mwah's*-

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