5 Reasons Why You Should Just “Go With the Flow”


There are times when we find ourselves trying to control every situation that happens in our lives, we try to make things go just the way we want, but the obvious truth is that some things in life are just way beyond our control. This is one lesson I’ve had to re-learn in the past few weeks.

If you are dealing with any situation that is beyond your control, just take a deep breath, relax, pray, have faith that the best will happen and just go with the flow…

Some people may disagree with me or even fight me for saying “just go with the flow”, but before you do that, let me give you reasons.

#1. You don’t have any other option. Unless you want to kill yourself with worry, you might as well just put it in prayer, sit back, relax and see what the end result is going to be. We just have to learn to keep a positive mindset long enough to make the best of every situation life throws at us. Just like the saying goes “If life throws you lemons, make Lemonade” or like John Ofili says “If life shows you pepper, make peppersoup”
“When you try to control everything, you enjoy nothing”
#2. You’ll have peace of mind- You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you that less worries = more peace of mind. So stop worrying, stop fighting what you can’t control, leave it all in the hands of God and allow the peace flow in.

#3. You’ll be more productive in other areas- When I try to control things that are out of my control, I tend to get frustrated and unhappy and I lose focus on all the other things I should be doing. So I learnt not to force things, rather than spend time worrying and end up achieving nothing I decided to leave it in God’s hands, go with the flow and focus on the things that I am sure of getting results from.

#4. It’s meant to happen- I believe strongly that everything happens for a reason, even the most terrible things happen for a reason. This might just be one of those hurdles you have to jump to become a better person. It might just be the road leading you to God’s grand plan for your life. So don’t fight it, don’t try to change it, PRAY and enjoy the flow.

#5. God’s got you- The Good book says “Don’t worry about anything, instead pray about everything”-Philipians 4;6. If God didn’t’ have your back, he won’t tell you not to worry. So sit back, relax and watch him work His wonders.

So instead of looking for ways to make the rainy days pass quickly, relax and enjoy the rain, you can even jump in and dance a little, why not?!.

We should always keep it in mind that we are all actors in this play called life, the script has already been written and God is the producer and director, so let’s relax and trust that he is in control of everything and always has our best interest at heart.

Have a blessed and fulfilling Monday
Truly yours,

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3 thoughts

  1. Very true words there. I truly believe that's what God requires from us. To sit still and him do what he does best without telling him how it is to be done. I am new on blogshere please visit my blog- The Eve in Me

  2. It's all truth talks. A proverb says what your hand cannot reached, you don't use your hand to pulled it down by force. Everything is in God's hand. He's the Alpha and omega of everything.

  3. Some of us are control freaks however, learning to let go and let God have his way is in itself a major victory.


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