Handling the Competition...like a BOSS


I came across a building one time with three different banner ads of businesses all dealing in computer sales and repairs and I wondered...how do these people handle the competition with each other. 
Then I thought about those guys in the market that sell jeans and phones dragging your hand to come and patronize them, you practically become the "rope" in the tug of war between two shop owners. This also happens with bus conductors of public transport struggling to fill their vehicles with passengers and then our ever popular gala and La Casera sellers, I always wondered how they managed to all sell when they cluster themselves in one location like that, I guess in that case it boils down to survival of the fittest, quickest and smartest. 

As these thoughts crossed my mind, I wondered about ways to effectively deal with competition, I came to realize that one has to embrace competition because it is a part of business...it is a part of life really.

If you ask me, I would say we face competition in different aspects and at different times of our lives, it could be in school with that one classmate that always seems to be at the top, or at the office with that co-worker that always seems to impress the boss, or in business; that company that seems to always attract all the clients, you can even have competition in relationships; that one guy that always get's the attention of your dream girl. Competition can come in ANY form whatsoever.

Although competition might appear to be a challenge, it also presents an opportunity for you to improve on yourself, business or craft.

So how do we deal with competition when we're faced with it? Here's what a BOSS will do...

#1. Know that the competition is not the enemy 
You know that saying about keeping your enemies closer than your friends? Let's scratch that and replace it with competition shall we? I'm not saying you have to become best buddies with your competition, but it will help if you extend a friendly hand, be cordial, you never know what you can learn or discover.

#2. Up your game 
One major advantage about having competition is that it gives you the opportunity to go back to the drawing board to review your game plan. If you never had a plan, this will be as good a time as any to draw up one. Improve on your skills, sharpen those areas that may be blunt, do your research and become better at what you do. Do more about branding, let your customer service be on point. Spend more money if necessary. Remember you have to stay on top of your game.

#3. Strengthen existing relationships 
In the case of business, when your space is threatened by competition (which it always is), your first point of action should be to strengthen the bond with your already existing clients, improve on your customer service skills, treat every client with a great amount of respect, even if their purchase won't affect your bank account significantly. Customer service, let me rephrase that...GOOD customer service will go a very long way to boosting your image and you won't have to worry about your competition luring all your customers away.

#4. Banish fear
One downside of having competition is that self doubt may threaten to come in, fear may start to creep in and you may begin to question your abilities. This is the one time you really need to believe in yourself and your abilities. Be confident in yourself and what you offer and believe that you are nothing but the absolute best and you offer products/services that are nothing but the absolute best.

Over to you guys, have you ever had to deal with competition? Be it in school, at the office, in business or in relationships? How did you handle it?
What points do you think I missed above? I'll be waiting in the comment section to hear your responses. Have a fantabulous week ahead!

*hugs and purple mwah's*
Truly yours

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3 thoughts

  1. I like this one. I've always welcomed challenges and competitions. I always see them as a system to build.

    Nice read purple.

  2. Sometimes it's best not to compete at all. Competitions leads to smaller margins as you have to worry about the pricing of your rivals. Competition also breads wrong practices to outwit the opponent, in the process we kill value. Differentiation is the way, be radically different, create new value for your prospects, create your own mini monopoly... Then you win. Not easy o, but that's the way of successful businesses.


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