The Battle Between Passion and Interest


Someone asked me a while back, "what do you want to do with your life?"...this question has a tendency to annoy you the first few seconds after hearing it, why? Because it forces you to analyse your life, it takes your mind to the serious thoughts you may or may not be running away from. Nobody wants to think serious jor! We all want to play and have loads of fu...okay okay, stop giving me that look, don't dey useto play weet you sef?! 

So anyway, why was this fella asking me this question? Because he realized that I had a number of interests and wanted to know which I would like to focus on. This is a question I usually had a ready answer to, I was always so sure of my plans, but something changed, the universe shifted to another angle for me, I finally discovered my passion.
A lot of people are lucky enough to recognize their passions from childhood, some others dabble into anything and everything, before having that "aha!" moment of realization.

Personally, I have a large purple bag filled with various interests, and for a long time, I did't know what I had a passion number one interest (of course) is what I studied in school; computer engineering, I always dreamed of being an expert in computer networking. Asides my course of study, I have had quite a number of other unrelated interests; at some point I was seriously considering being a stylist/image consultant, an on-air personality (this is still something I would love to do, just in case you want to hook a sister up *winks*) a fashion designer, and now a graphics designer/brand identity development expert (currently in the works).

We all know that the usual thing for every graduate is to look for a job that relates to their discipline in school, and the truth is, their course of study in school may not necessarily be their passion, it may just be something that they have interest in.

People usually say "your degree might not be what will bring success and fulfilment to your life" and I see examples of that being true everyday, I just never thought it will be my story. I've always wanted to practice what I studied in school, and I would still love to, but you see, following my passion seems to be a more enticing and interesting option, because I've always dreamt about having a job I totally love, you know that saying that goes, "choose a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life"...exactly!

I'm still going to explore both options, just to fulfill all righteousness, but i'm pretty sure I already know which I'm going to stick with.

So what about you? Did you ever have to battle between the options of passion and interest? Which did you stick with? How has it been working out for you? Go on and share with us in the comment section, your comment might just change a life.

*hugs and purple mwah's*

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  1. Nice article. I have a deep passion for writing. I was interested in Biochemistry and studied that in school ... but right now I'm focusing on my passion. But then I also need a job... until the passion starts bringing something in, you need to sustain yourself with a job. That's my thought on it.


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