Breaking the Long Silence...yet again.


It's been a really long while guys! How's it going?

I'm sure you all have been wondering why I haven't posted in a while, and if you didn't wonder...why not?! *arms crossed* 
So much has been happening with me, which is why I have been on and off with mu's been quite difficult to keep up with updating, but I am ready to take up this challenge, I have to fight for this relationship between me and you, yes, I love ya'll that much!

So as you may or may not know, I answered the clarion call earlier this year, so it's gotten a lot more stressful and time hasn't been a fact, so many things haven't been luxurious. Electricity being the major thing. You all know a bloggers career is non-existent without
electricity. The struggle is indeed a real one.I can't wait to fill you guys in on all that has been happening...of course I will infuse it into various posts so be patient okay??? 

This year is fast drawing to an end shaaa, wasn't January just yesterday or something? How was your 2015? How did your resolutions keeping go? Will you be making some for next year or do you think it's ineffective? 
My 2015 was quite interesting actually. filled with a lot of unexpected events, but isn't that what life is all about tho? The unexpected and how we react to it's happening. What's important is that we open our eyes and minds to learn the lessons we're supposed to take from these events, do I get an amen?! There are still so many things to be thankful for regardless...I'm thankful for life, good health, dance, family, friends and laughter..p.s: laughter is one medicine that is foolproof, you should have at least one dose per day. 
So tell me, what did 2015 bring you that made you extremely thankful?
So guys, Miss Purpleheart is back to your phone/laptop screens to trouble you with her purple thoughts. I can bet you that things will get a lot more interesting here. *squeals in excitement*
Although, I may not be able to post 5 days a week like I once planned, but since I'm just getting back into the groove of blogging, I'll try and make an appearance two to three times a week, Purple's honor *hand in air*.

I hope you're as happy to have me back as I'm happy to be better be oh! This relationship MUST work, our love must flourish!
It feels awesome and refreshing to be back...yea yea, I missed you too.

*hugs and purple mwah's*

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