Love Can Make a Hell of Heaven


When you lack interest in everything.. You just sip and sleep. With dimmed lights, you will dream bright and with closed eyes, you will see stars.
People are constantly trying to influence us, to tell us what to do, and just as often, we tune them out, resisting their attempts at persuasion. There is a moment in our lives, however, when we all act differently...when we are in love 😍

We fall under a kind of spell. Our minds are usually preoccupied with our own concern; now they become filled with the thought of the loved one. We grow emotional, lose the ability to think straight, act in foolish ways that we would never do otherwise. If this goes on long enough, something inside us gives way, we surrender to the will of the loved one, and to our desire to possess them.

Love comes slowly and it goes so fast but love happens again. It is a thing that recycles ♻, a process that allows you create new and fresh memories. So beautiful a memory you find yourself forgetting the past ones quickly. It is one feeling that can make you whole for a long time and send you to hell in no time. But it is a process that heals, a process that builds and helps you focus in more ways than school. It is therapeutic and deadly, sweet and sour, dreams and nightmares.

So many definitions to it, any one holds, the illusion of its reality is seen in everyday life. It is the water 💧 that makes even the rockiest of hearts ♥ soft. Apparently love 😍 is the rope in which you climb to great heights and levels but it's the same rope you end up being hung with. It makes u levitate faster than narcotics and leaves you to drown at the bottom of the sea 🌊.

Sometimes Love 😍 comes around, completes you, makes you whole, sweeps you off your feet and it knocks you down so hard you feel safe and vulnerable at the same time. At the point of your life when you are conscious of vulnerability, you meet someone that makes you understand that we all need somebody to lean on. They pamper your affection and destroy whatever wall or defenses you put up. They teach you how to love and trust. With patience, they tattoo their names across your heart ♥ and leave an impression so great it hurts badly when they decide to move on.  Just then will you realize that you have been in a completely different and virtual state. The reality of coming down to ground level after love has shown you such great power and strength 💪 is frightening.
Love can make a Hell of Heaven, and Heaven of Hell, Loving you did both to me, Loving you brought me Bliss in Hell and Horror in Heaven.

Written by Boyowa (Story Sheriff) 
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