Misspurpleheart.com is 3!


Boom Shakalaka! The blog is 3!

Do you know that time flies??? It's just like yesterday that I was considering starting a blog to unload all these thoughts in my head, and here I am today, with a 3 year old kid blog. I would never have guessed that I'll make it this far...hi never hexperredit. To think that I was considering stopping the blog early this year....hmm, thank God for amazing readers who encouraged me with their kind words. 

We actually turned 3 on the 24th of July, I'm just now getting around to doing a blog post about it, but better late than never right? So...happy anniversary guys. Yep! We're in this together yo!

I won't say this past year has been my best blogging year, I didn't achieve most of the blog goals I set last year, but it is a work in progress and I'm grateful that I've come this far. Grateful for those of you who took out time from your precious time bank to read, comment and share blog posts, you all are amazing. 

As much as this is my blog, I don't exactly blog for myself...I do this for you my amazing readers, and because I love you all so much and care about what you think, I would like you to be honest with me, tell me the truth, is there someone else? have you been cheating on me?

Okay okay, seriously...I would like to know

  1. What you would like to see on the blog 
  2. What you think is missing from the blog
  3. What you think could be done better.
Let me know your sincere opinions in the comments section below, you know, I really want this relationship to work, so let us join hands and move misspurpleheart.com to higher heights. Tainz!

Truly and awesomely yours,

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6 thoughts

  1. Aww, congrats!!!

    Meanwhile, I like this your theme oh. Please come and hook me up na ehn


    1. Lol...thank you! I will definitely hook you up :D

  2. Happy Blogvasary Aby, i am really GLAD we made it his far, this is just the beginning i pray you grow stronger to feed us more GOOD posts.

    Have a great weekend Aby.

  3. Aww congrats darling many more blog celebrations to come. Your blog theme is very nice.

  4. Better late than never right...Happyy blogversary huni... I thhink you are doing an amazing job and I am so proud of you dear...


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