Give your Challenges a Huge Embrace


"Change is the only constant thing in life"...if I had a Naira for every time I have heard this, I would be a pretty rich brown lady. As cliche as it sounds, it is the truth. Change gives room for growth.
Most times, this change is disguised in the challenges we face daily.

Yes, I know it is so much more easier to give up when we face a challenge than to actually tackle the challenge head on and overcome it, but we can't run from our challenges forever...they will ALWAYS come, and most likely will become more difficult as life goes on.

I encourage you this lovely August Monday morning to embrace your challenges, accept them and get familiar with them and then attack them with all the zeal and energy you can muster. Nobody would like to remain stagnant and not progress in life, so fight those obstacles and keep moving on your life's journey.

I have embraced my own challenges and i'm tackling them one after the other, I must feels pretty good, you should try it too...soon! *winks*

Truly yours,

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2 thoughts

  1. Don't let Parmenides read this. He is dead though, and so is his philosophy about the permanence of things.

    I like this post. The nature of a man's life depends on the level of discomfort he is willing to endure (I stole that from Tim Ferriss).

    Do you mind giving tips on how you successfully tackle specific challenges.

    1. Thank you! I will consider writing a post on that.


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