10 Apps / Gadgets you Wish Existed


Someone once asked me what superpower I would like to have, I started to list out various kinds of super powers, but then I thought to myself, what if I had an app that could do all these. I just push a button and BAHM! I am all dressed up in the perfect outfit, makeup on point, ready to head out. That would just be totally awesome!

So after asking a few friends, I have compiled a list of 10 apps/gadgets that I know you wish existed.

#1. An app that prints cash: Because everybody needs money...

#2. A gadget that tells if a girl likes you or not, so you know if to proceed with the toasting process: I think every guy needs this, it also save us ladies the stress of saying "no" multiple times.

#3. An app to tell you if he's "the one": Same as above, but for the ladies. It really is tiring kissing many frogs before finding prince charming.

#4. An app that prepares and brings out ANY kind of meal: Good food is life...dasall.

#5. A gadget that picks beans: A beans picking device is very necessary to be honest.

#6. Gadget that slaps dumb people: Because there are people that need manual resetting *shrugs*

#7. An app to help you find (good) alternative roads to pass when driving: Every driving Nigerian NEEDS this app. Someone needs to look into incorporating it into the GPS.

#8. An app that takes the thoughts from your head and forms a lovely article/post #BloggerProblems: I would be the first to purchase this. 

#9. An app that tells you what other people are thinking: This used to be my dream super power. 

#10. An app/gadget that...how about I let you guys complete this one. What app or gadget do you wish existed? Let me know in the comment section.

Truly yours,

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6 thoughts

  1. An app that can help tell ppl what you can't say to them.

  2. Number 10 is an app again that prints more cash. Na that one my eye just dey since.
    Funny read though

  3. An app or gadget that tells me if I'm gonna score..

  4. One that gives any pleasure you want, and also tells when you're being redundant, its time to move forward.

  5. One that allows you to appear anywhere you need to be in super quick time. No traffic, no hurry, just kazhaaam! and you're there.
    Oh, by the way that #8 is very needed!

  6. An app that can tell you answers in the exam hall oo!


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