FACTS FRIDAY || Did You Know??? (pt 2)


It's Friday again! Do I hear you screaming TGIF!? Because I am screaming it right now. Lately, weekends have become like Christmas for me, just the thought of having absolutely nothing to do...let's enjoy it while it lasts shall we? So this is be delivering 10 facts to you, fresh and hot from the "facts oven". Have an amazing weekend!

1. Taking a quick nap after learning something new helps to strengthen your memory.

2. Playing video games can sharpen our decision making abilities by 26% as well as improves focus and boosts creativity.

3. When someone smells good, they are often perceived as being more attractive.

4. When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubts.

5. Talking to yourself increases mental activity and intelligence

6. Pancakes are good at reducing hangover symptoms

7. Listening to music while eating makes the food taste better

8. Ironically, laughter is linked to depression. The people who smile and laugh the most are usually depressed or emotionally depressed.

9. Rubbing a banana peel on mosquito bites will get rid of the itchiness of the bites.

10. PANGRAMS are words or sentences that contain all letters of the English alphabet e.g "PACK MY RED BOX WITH FIVE DOZEN QUALITY JUGS"

Yours Always...

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