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Gone are the days when jeans/khakis were the only things we felt could be worn with sneakers. We have entered a new fashion era and sneakers can be worn with practically anything...even with a suit! Yes I said suit! News flash: sneakers aren't just worn casually anymore.

One can consider Noble Igwe (founder of 360nobs) a sneakers king...he can wear sneakers with anything and still look fly. Can you tell i'm totally in love with his style??? He's the first guy I saw rocking sneakers with a suit, and I totally loved the look, in my opinion, he completely murdered it. I can almost swear I didn't imagine seeing a picture of him wearing sneakers on agbada, but unfortunately, my stalking of his IG page for the picture didn't yield fruit.

My girl Yamen is also an ardent rocker of sneakers...yes she dared to wear hers to the office, with a suit, and yes she totally killed the look!

Anyone that follows Cassie Daves blog knows that an outfit is not totally Cassie's until she puts on a pair of sneaks, her love for sneakers is infectious and I totally lover her style, she kills it every single time! Is it safe to say sneakers were made for Cassie?

The Fashion Enthusiast is someone who is also daring when it comes to sneakers, simple, chic and it all just blends together effortlessly. I'm in love with her style, aren't you???

Peep some more stylespiration below.

Noble Igwe...

Cassie Daves...


The Fashion Enthusiast...

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So tell me, how would you rock your sneakers?

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