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Let us come together to join hands and pray against laziness and "bloggers block" in Miss Purpleheart's I hear an AMEN?!
Hi guys, I sincerely apologize for my hiatus...I wish I had an explanation, but let's just stick with laziness and bloggers block. I'm back and hope to be a bit more consistent.

I am far from the "perfect blogger", that's if there's such a thing as the perfect blogger sef, but i'm sure you get my meaning, if you don't, you will in a minute. Some say one of the best ways to learn is to study the mistakes of those who have gone through similar situations and take care not to make the same mistakes, I believe this to be true.

I can give you a list of things you should or shouldn't do as a blogger, but seeing as I don't have it all together, I have decided to come from the other angle, I will share with you the blunders I have made/am making as a blogger so you can learn from them, these are blunders that may or may not have affected the growth of my blog. You know they say the first step to solving a problem is acknowledging that there is a problem at all, I hope my acknowledgements below is the beginning of change, Sai Miss Purpl...okay let me just get started.

#1. I don't network enough with other bloggers
I really get lazy sometimes when it comes to reading and commenting on blog posts of other bloggers. Don't make this same mistake, I know how many blogs I have discovered from comments left on my blog. I should be doing the same, and so should you, being a friendly blog neighbor is very important.

#2. I do not promote my posts properly
Yes my blog is linked to facebook and twitter, so my posts are automatically posted there when I publish, but those are automated promotions, I don't do any manual deliberate promotions. Bloggers mention me in tweets that contain links to their new posts, but for some reason I suddenly get shy when I think about doing same and feel like i'm bothering everybody. But truth is, you have to bother people to get to where you want right? No man is an island after-all.

#3. I get lazy, hence I lose consistency
Oh dear, this is a huge problem for me, I get "mentally lazy", too lazy to think up words to put down, too lazy to lift a finger to type, I had to really push myself to write this particular post...I fight this laziness everyday...but now, enough is enough! This laziness must end! Fight the laziness and bloggers block, having a topic schedule helps also, map out possible blog topics ahead of time and if possible, type your posts ahead of time.

#4. I hardly interact with blog readers that take time out to comment
Not like I get much comments but when I manage to get, instead of rejoicing and singing for joy while happily replying, I just rejoice, sing for joy and do nothing...sigh. This is a bad habit, you should interact with your blog readers, make them feel welcome and show them you appreciate them.

#5. I allow lack of comments/plenty page views discourage me
I'm sure almost every blogger can relate to this. It is good to know that people are reading your posts and appreciating it, it is a source of motivation, but as a blogger you have to learn to motivate yourself. I have to keep reminding myself not to compare my blog with other blogs, every blog journey is different. A friend once told me to do it because I enjoy it and not because i'm trying to please. I've also learnt that consistency is I have decided not to let this bother me anymore. If this bothers you, try not to let it, do it for the love of sharing.

#6. I can't be bothered with SEO
SEO- Search engine optimization, this helps your blog posts appear on search engines, it has to do with keywords and some other stuff. To be honest, I don't think this is going to change for me anytime soon, it just seems too tiring and I don't have the patience right now to settle down and figure it out, someday soon maybe.

*phew* So these are all my blogging blunders? What blogging mistakes do you make as a blogger? Let's talk...I promise to reply, i'm now a changed blogger!

Truly yours,

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12 thoughts

  1. Hello Aby,

    This is a very honest post. These indeed is called "The blogger code".

    I work towards not violating anyone each day. Though not so easy.

    My blog was at the bottom until I started connecting with other bloggers. It drove traffic to my blog and also increased my social engagement.
    I like to see my blog as business. If I don't promote it, no one would see it.

    I always add my favorite blogs to my blogger dashboard so that once there is a new post, I check it out immediately.

    Sometimes, I really want to do nothing :) but I must fight laziness oo!

    It good to monitor statistics but when it begins to wear you out, I advice you slow down.

    Some fluctuations or stagnacy can be disturbing but I just direct the energy on becoming better.

    I once wrote a guest post on managing blogging stress.

    SEO is hard work. The best seo I discovered is writing quality content that people are dying to find.

    In summary, It's one things for us to start it's another thing to be consistent.

    Nice one. Cheers!

    1. Exactly! Consistency is another ball game entirely. Thank you for the comment! :)

  2. Hi Abyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, welcome back. You have listed all of my blogging mistakes. Blogging requires dedication and persistence. And there are days that i don't feel like writing jack, but i have some readers who bug me when i dont post. So my laziness does not last long. I need to interact more i think, i find that i have selected 4-5 fellow bloggers as friends and dont bother to visit other blogs. So lets make a pact. Lets visit at least 5 other blogs a day and drop comments. You in or out?

  3. ps; please always tag me on twitter.

  4. *Clears Throat * let is pray. Lord God every devil form aunty Purple's village making her lazy, let them be beaten as lost as the writers of the series Lost.
    oh Lord, every block that is doing our aunty Purple, we ask that you send them a cookie Lyon to scare them away.

    our Father and our God, Let Aunty Purple sef get money make she fit dey dash us 100k like Linda and DonJazzy.

    Finally God even as you made Skales come back form the dead with shake body, Lord let this blog resurrect.

    we thank you because this blog will be a hit like all of Timaya's songs.

    Baba God before I go, let everyone who reads this blog have a good read like when ever we read our Bible. Amen.

    can I get an Amen.

  5. I am so number 3. Would definitely make changes soon

    1. Yes it's necessary to fight the laziness. Thank you for stopping by Elizabeth :)

  6. Awwwwwww Aby nne mo...oghini bu...chile *this is me typing all the ibo i know*. My love, to think I was thinking i was the only one that feels this way...I think you are my sister that was stolen from my mum at birth. I love you and I trust that you'll get out of this laziness. We all get lazy but the love of blogging no fit let us rest at all. You can't even be lazy....not with how fine our blog is at the moment...hehe

  7. Thanks for the honesty,every blogger goes through these things. I try to be upbeat about the low pageviews but there are days when one just feels sad so I totally can relate. I used to be promotion shy but am not anymore and I try to reach out more and engage. Tag me on twitter too. Blogging is really about being part of the community cheers. Sorry for the long epistle.


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