Before you Answer the Clarion Call


It's about that time again when University graduates across the nation and overseas answer the clarion call of this great nation, Nigeria. A response that is necessary if one must join the workforce in the country. Anticipation has risen, anxiety about what the future holds is on the high...but wait! Before you embark on your duty as a Nigerian graduate, there are certain things you must do/know.

No i'm not about to give you a list of things you must buy before heading to camp...i'm sure you already have an idea about that. I got some help from a friend and fellow blogger Amerigo Bonasera on this post. So here we go...

Open your mind 
Be open to the chances of anything happening, be open to learning new things. You will meet people of various characters, from different backgrounds, extremely different from what you are used to, so you must be accommodating, prepare your mind for crazy.

Make plans
Plans sometimes don't always play out the way we want them to, but it is good to have an idea of the general direction you want to go. Start drafting plans of what you want to do with yourself during/after NYSC. Will you learn a skill? Will you get a certification? How many companies will you apply to? Will you start applying to schools for your Masters degree? Make plans and be sure to implement them during the course of the year. Plans may change along the way, but you should have a starting point.

When it comes to plans for your masters degree, start planning now, especially if you plan to do it overseas, because many schools have an application deadline as far back as 9 months to the commencement of the program. So you should prepare accordingly and avoid getting stuck and staying at home for a year, awaiting admission.
Making applications to schools also involves money. You will need to get transcripts and various documents. You might find yourself making multiple applications to schools because admission might not be guaranteed. The US, Germany, Canada, Australia, among others, usually cost quite a sum of money.

Brush up your skills...
..or acquire new ones. According to some statistics somewhere, I cannot remember now, a good percentage of Nigerian graduates are unemployable. NYSC is the time for you to breeze through you books again, learn basic skills, like using a computer and the internet, Microsoft word, Micrsoft excel and power point. Also learn any computer program relating to or relevant to your discipline. For example, Peach tree for accountants, AutoCAD for engineers and architects, Archicad and the rest of them.

During service
Devise a money plan. Getting extra income asides from "alawee" won't be enough. You might be lucky to be in a company that pays well. Find a money source, entrepreneurship, teaching, etc. It is a long list. You will need EVERY penny after service.

After Service
Right after service, you are going to need all the money you can lay your hands on. Except your father is "dangote", you have to learn to manage and save money during service, be prudent in your spending. You have a guaranteed N240, 000 from the government in total. Okay, lets make that N230, 000 because of bank charges. You will need money for job hustle, transportation in running up and down the country, in a suit, for interviews and tests during and after service. You will also need INFORMATION, and it so happens that the main source of information is the internet and social media. You should network. Find people with the same target as you and flock together. You will need money for data, so save money and Buy Data Today!

That's all I have for you folks...I hope this post was of help, and I wish you an amazing service year ahead. Holla at me in camp if you see me *big grin*

Truly Yours

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  1. Nice one.... All the best dear

  2. You have said it all most especially the saving money and learning a skill part. Thank you. I'm off to Lagos camp. Have an awesome service year.

  3. I love how the blog looks. Absolutely gorgeous..Aunty pick your call...I gat a question for you *straight face*


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