Self Therapy; What's yours?


Sade is confused and feels mentally, emotionally and physically disorganized, the scattered state of her room does nothing to ease the turmoil going on in her head, in fact it seems to worsen she begins cleaning, dusting, arranging and putting things in place. Bed neatly dressed, dusty surfaces carefully cleaned, scattered items put in place...she feels so much better, breathes easier and her mind is unclogged and she is thinking straight again, now she can face her issues with a clear mind.

Efosa is worried about work and all the many issues that seem to always pop up between him and his fiance, the neighbors dog does nothing to calm his frayed nerves with it's continuous barking, he fights the intense urge to go over to their house and strangle the damn thing to death. Instead he picks up his headphones to block out the noise, plugs into his laptop, volume on full blast and proceeds to mix songs on his "Virtual DJ" app. Music always calms him, he has always wanted to be a DJ, with the current issues he's facing in the office, his pain in the ass of a boss constantly on his neck, he is seriously considering following his passion. 2 hours later, he takes off his headphones, thank goodness the dog has quietened down, now he can think with a clear mind on the best ways to tackle the problems currently plaguing his life.

Yetunde's mind is all over the place, she can't seem to settle on one thought, let alone decipher the reason behind her much is going on at once, it's almost as if her world is crashing, sort off. The announcement of her parents impending divorce, her current state of joblessness, her best friend (who she is secretly in love with) getting married in a months time. It's just so much to process at once. Pacing back and forth in her bedroom, she decided to go for a run before she finds herself breaking all the breakables in the house. She puts on her sneakers and jogging pants and heads out the door. The wind hits her face and seems to blow every problem in her life away. Yetunde has always loved staying fit, getting physically active always relieves her of stress, both mental and physical, and she definitely needed the stress relief right now. She ran for about an hour, and when she got back home, she felt amazing, it seemed the wind had cleared her head, everything seemed so clear now and she knew the next steps she needed to take.

Ever noticed how we can find therapy in little everyday things? We don't always need a shrink to help us figure out what the problem is and how to solve it. Sometimes all we really need is some self therapy. Personally, doing exercises and tidying my environment goes a really long way in calming my raging mind. Sometimes writing down a list of everything that is wrong also helps.
We each have our own special self therapy, what's yours? Please share with me in the comments section, I would love to read from you.

Sincerely yours,

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8 thoughts

  1. Definitely music, alternative music! Music for world peace

  2. Lol..writing random stuffs... Funny random stuffs..its been helping ..A good therapy.. Self therapy helps a lot

  3. Lol..writing random stuffs... Funny random stuffs..its been helping ..A good therapy

  4. Reading, writing and def music

  5. Hey aby! What an awesome post, my own way of self therapy is by taking a nap, when i feel like the whole world is crashing on me i be like.....Hey Sammy you need to get this sh*ts outta ya head then take a nap and by the am up everything is back to default then i can start working on them one after the other and the feeling was like.....I don't even know, all i know is everything just got berra and it keeps getting berra you guys should try it out too!

    Have a nice day guys!

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