What is Your Language of L.O.V.E?


I've been wanting to write about this for sooo long, I finally got the motivation to put finger to keyboard today and here I am with L.O.V.E.ly information for you.
Did you know that we each have our specific Love Language? What is a love language you ask? Why, I'm more than glad to enlighten you...

Your love language is that special way through which you show love, it is also the way in which you will like to be shown love. It is your preferred way of communicating emotionally to your loved one/s.
There is actually a test you can take to find out what your love language is, but first, let's see what the different love languages are and maybe you can know/guess what yours is without taking the test.

There are five different kinds of love languages...

#1. Words of affirmation
#2 Acts of service
#3. Receiving gifts
#4. Quality time
#5. Physical touch

Everyone has these love languages to a certain degree, but there is always one primary love language that we use to communicate emotionally with our loved ones. NOTE: It is very important to understand the love language of your partner/loved one, so you can learn to love them better. So let us talk about them one after the other...

#1. Words of Affirmation
If this is your primary love language, then you thrive on compliments and random loving words from your partner, you also tend to give them freely as well. You love to hear positive things from your partner, you love to hear why you are important to your partner and why they love you and how much they love you. In a nutshell, words of affirmation are like a sweet lullaby to your heart.

#2. Acts of Service
An act of service could be, your partner helping you run an errand or finishing up a project that you are unable to finish. Anything they do to show that they want to help ease your stress could make your love-o-meter go on overload and possibly crash. If this is your love language, you enjoy helping out your partner with their work and you love to be helped in return.

#3. Receiving Gifts
Some love to be lavished with gifts...call them materialistic all you want, but that's how they interpret love. The thought and effort behind a gift goes a long way with them. If this is your love language, gifts are a visual representation of love for you. Gifts that mean something personal to you or you and your partner, gifts that show that you were on their mind while they were away, gifts that show that they are attentive and know the kind of things you like. You can definitely trust that people who have this as their primary love language will always shower their loved one with gifts whenever they get the chance.

#4. Quality Time
People with this as their primary love language just want to spend time with their partner/loved one. This brings them great joy. Being there and truly present, with all your attention on them is practically bliss. If this is your love language, you would love to spend uninterrupted quality time with your partner/loved one; Have a conversation, laugh together or engage in an activity together without outside disturbance.

#5. Physical Touch
Some people are "touchy feely" people, they touch you every opportunity they get, and NO, not in a sexual way. You can expect a lot of hugs, pats, arm rubs, shoulder squeezes or face rubs/pecks from a person whose love language is physical touch, it is their way of showing their love, care, concern or happiness.

So just from reading this, can you guess what your love language is? If I were to guess mine. I would say words of affirmation, quality time and physical touch are my top love languages. I took the test and my guess was not far off at all...

Here is what I scored:
Words of Affirmation - 9 points
Quality Time - 8 points
Receiving Gifts - 6 points
Physical Touch - 4 points
Acts of Service - 3 points

I'm sure now you would love to know what your love language is, I know you do. Take the test HERE and come back to tell me what you discovered!

Don't forget to share this with your partner, tell them what your love language is and encourage them to take the test as well, so you can know theirs. This is a great opportunity to improve on your relationship don't you think?

Truly yours,

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5 thoughts

  1. Words of affirmation come first for me closely followed by quality time. Lovely piece Aby, More grease to your literary elbow.

  2. I scored:

    9 Words of Affirmation
    7 Acts of Service
    7 Physical Touch
    6 Quality Time
    1 Receiving Gifts


  3. Hi Aby, thanks for sharing,

    My Scores goes like this:

    7 % for Acts of Service
    7 % for Physical Touch
    7 % for Quality Time
    5 % for Words of Affirmation
    4 % for Receiving Gifts

    What do you think?

  4. Your Scores

    11 Receiving Gifts
    8 Words of Affirmation
    6 Acts of Service
    4 Physical Touch
    1 Quality Time
    #sad face


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