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As you may know, or not know, I love fashion, and this blog started out as an attempt at a fashion blog, but errr I realized along the line that I wasn't as much of a "fashion-head" as I thought I was, so I stuck to giving fashion and style advice/inspiration instead. I'm sure you're wondering why I'm telling you many story, well...

The Fashion Engineer was the first Nigerian fashion blogger I came across when I began the blogging journey and I instantly fell in love with her style, and the fact that she was an engineering student (like me) drew my attention the more.

She actually cut the slits herself! Innovative don't you think?

Personally, I love simplicity and she has a way of making 'simple' look extremely classy and chic, and I'm sure you will agree with me on that. Keep scrolling for more photos of The Fashion Engineer and be sure to grab some inspiration as you go along!

That hair is FAYA!!!

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Be Fashionably Inspired!

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