My Birthday Wishlist


Hi guys! So its my birthday in about three days...yup! I'm a valentine baby, hehehe. So I decided to write a wishlist post, these are things I'm basically loving right now and would definitely not mind *bats lashes* if a few "genies" grant my wishes *big grin*. A girl can only dream/pray/wish/hope right? Last I checked, it was free to here's what's on my wishlist...

Kindle e-book reader

I love to read books and I hardly buy actual books because I mostly read from my phone. This e-book reader will be a lot more convenient than a phone screen, and get this, the battery lasts for up to a month on a single charge! I totally recommend it for all ye book lovers out there.

Matte lipsticks

Every lady should own a matte lipstick or a couple or a dozen. Matte lipsticks are just really pretty. I'm currently loving MAC's heroine, sin, candy yum yum and peach blossom (and other nude colors). I love Tejuosho by House of Tara as well. Dear genie, whom it concerns...those are the ones I would like. 

Michael Kors watch

Michael Kors watches are just...*sigh* simply impeccably amazing. Do I need to explain why I love and want one? I don't think so.


I'm not really one to rock heels all the time, and I have searched high and low for flat front wedges like in the photo and I haven't found. They are pretty and less bulky that the usual wedge heels. 
I'm in love with brogues and loafers as well, never gotten around to actually buying any. Shoe size: 38.5 or 39


Fedora's and bowler hats are my favorite kind. Have not seen any that suits my taste yet...hopefully this post will open "hat doors" for me.


I love perfumes sooo much...and I love variety, I like matching my mood with my scent, don't you?

Gift voucher

I would definitely not mind a gift voucher for makeup, clothes or jewelry from any shop at all. I'm not choosy. *big grin*

Blog revamp/redesign

I would love to give my blog a face lift...i'm also thinking of moving to wordpress. If someone could help me with this, it would be an AMAZING birthday gift!

Will you be my genie and grant my wish???

If you are feeling nice on the 14th and think you would like to send this blogger birthday wishes, you can mail me on or tweet at me @Aby_Purpleheart

Oh, and by the way, there's a BBM channel for the blog. Join with this pin --> C001E49FA and let's chat one-on-one.

Truly Yours!

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3 thoughts

  1. Hey Aby, i will do the Wordpresss design for you as your Birthday GIFT, How do you see that?

  2. Oh wow! Thank you so much!!! I truly appreciate it!

  3. You can send me the details to my mail and also the hosting cPanel or CP and how u want it to be..


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