Feeling Unmotivated? These Tips WILL Help


Feeling unmotivated? discouraged maybe? Have you lost the zeal to do that thing you're supposed to be doing right now? Yeah, I totally get you. I've been in this particular situation for the past one month, yup! That's the exact reason for the lack of posts, and also the reason for this post...

I won't bore you with the details of why I've been feeling unmotivated, let's just say it got really bad, to the point where I actually considered stopping the blog...I know! Terrible indeed...but that didn't happen and I'm here.
Question: What do you do when you're feeling unmotivated? (The comment box is your friend and so am I!)
So while I was in one of my sulky states, I thought, why don't I write a post about this...after struggling with myself for days, I am finally here! By the way HAPPY NEW MONTH GUYS! It's a special month, know why? It's my birth month!!! But more on that later, back to the topic of the day...What to do when you don't feel motivated.

Let's talk about how terrible the feeling of being unmotivated is for a while shall we? Sometimes it's like a black hole, sucking you deeper and deeper into nothingness and "I don't care-ness"...you lose interest in any and everything, sometimes those things that mean a lot to you. It is not a nice feeling at all! The truth is, there is no one formula for dealing with this, but I will give you a few tips to point you in the direction of what might work for you. Here goes...in no particular order of course

#1. Just do it!
No, i'm not running an ad for Nike, and yes it is easier said than done, sometimes you just don't feel like doing anything, I totally get this. But most times, all you need is to just start and the motivation will catch up with you. Lack of motivation doesn't mean lack of interest, so I believe that as long as you're interested in what you're doing, motivation will definitely show its face once you push that 'start' button...in your mind.

#2. Focus on ONE at a time
When I have a lot going on at a time, or when I am trying to do too much at once, I tend to feel overwhelmed and then I just shut down...my motivation to do anything just slithers away without a warning. So I realized that settling down and focusing on just one goal at a time does the trick. Somewhere along the line, when you're making headway with that particular one, motivation for the others will kick in.

#3. Start SLOW Start SMALL
Start with baby steps. The problem could be that you are thinking too big and the big steps you think you will have to take are scary and crippling your drive, this is very understandable. Start small, if you have to do something that requires 100 steps, start with 2 steps repeat these steps for a while and then increase to 4 steps...build on your small successes and by the time you reach your 100th step, you will feel totally pumped and accomplished, go on, give it a try!

Inspiration could come from people who are currently doing what you're doing or who have achieved the goals you are looking to achieve. You can Google the goals you are looking to achieve and read about how others achieved their goal. It is sure to give you the inspiration you need.
I get email updates of new posts from bloggers all the time, and although I felt guilty for not blogging, it went a long way in inspiring me and here I m today. It works!

So guys, those are 4 of my Purple Nuggets on this topic...hmmm "Purple Nuggets"...I just might make that a thing, what do you think?

Like I said earlier, the comment section is your friend and so am I! Friends relate, discuss and share ideas right? So what are we waiting for? Let's get talking!

Truly yours,

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3 thoughts

  1. Hmmmmm. I try to remember the positives and downplay the negatives. Sometimes i sing, sometimes i praise God and while doing this it occurs to me i am not a quitter, so i get back to the drawing board and somehow the motivation comes. It can be so difficult especially when you are not getting quick results but if we persevere we will achieve greatness.

  2. YAY! Aby shares same birth month with me *BigGrin*

    I think am going to buy you GALA and LACASERA for this awesome post that woke me up from my 'Unmotivated' Sleep. This will surely help me work on my sh*ts....need to start that now, Thanks MyPurple heart!!!

    ...Much Luv from Eedris!

    1. Yay! Happy birthday in advance! I'm really glad the post helped, you are most welcome! Patiently waiting for my gala and lacasera :D


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