5 Minutes of Your Time Please?


Thank you! This will take just 5 minutes, maybe a little more...but it will totally be worth it.
I could not post the podcast of the week last Saturday, that means you get double dose this week!

Ever noticed all the craziness that happens at event receptions? Well FayFay talks about that in this hilarious podcast "Reception Madness"...

In the second podcast, FayFay talks about the amazing wonders us girls perform, especially when it come to our looks..."Girls Girls Girls"...you should totally give it a listen.

As always, she suggests a song for you to download and a movie you should see...do enjoy!

Click HERE to listen to "Reception Madness" or press play below

Listen Music Files - Upload Audio - 5MOYT by FayFay-ReceptionMad...

Click HERE to listen to "Girls Girls Girls" or press play below

Upload Music - Embed Audio - 5MOYT by FayFay-GirlsGirlsGi...

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