Happiness Isn't for Everyone?


Believe it or not, there are people who think this to be true...that happiness is not for everyone. A friend of mine once told me "not everyone is meant to be happy". Basically his point was that there are people in the world whose aim is to bring happiness to others and not finding happiness for themselves.

My mind immediately went to the comedian Robin Williams, he made millions of people happy with his comedy, but ironically died from depression. 
I always somehow have it at the back of my mind that a person who jokes a lot and is hardly ever serious is harboring a very great sadness within and is trying to cover it up... most of the time I'm right. I find it really heartbreaking when a person enjoys making others happy but never finds any true happiness of their own.

I strongly disagreed with my friend though, I believe EVERYBODY deserves happiness. Abi what do you think? In my opinion, a person may feel discouraged only when they are searching for happiness in a particular place/person and aren't getting desired results or when the results don't match the idea in their head of "how it's supposed to be". 

To be honest, there is no direct formula for happiness, the simplest things can give you the utmost joy. It could be the perfect weather or a really good movie/book. It is up to you to look within and find what works for you, find your happy place. I'm not exactly the best person to be preaching about finding happiness because I have very erratic mood swings *covers face*...but I have worked at my happiness, and found what works for me, to an extent at least. 

Tell me, what is your happy place? How did you discover it? Let's discuss in the comments section below, I would love to hear what you have to say.

But wait! Before you go, I want to tell you something! 
I have been pondering on whether or not I should enter for the Nigerian Blog Awards...and I finally decided to give it a go, there's no harm in trying right?

Seeing as I try my best to Inspire and motivate people to become the best they can be through my blog posts, I decided to go for category 12, which is the Best Inspiration, Motivation or Personal Development Blog award? How you see am? Make sense abi?

So guys PLEASE nominate me in CATEGORY 12 for the 2014 Nigerian Blog Awards HERE. Please please please read the instructions before nominating so that your nomination will count. Muchos gracias!

Stay Happy!

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2 thoughts

  1. Happiness is a choice, I believe everyone can make that choice but more importantly we must live from inside out, things might not look well but we know that the Joy of the Lord is our strength, living from your spirit is the best way to live a successfully happy life. I'm learning to live from inside out, I find that it works wonders and I'm always on top of the matter when I do. Thanks for this post dear.
    p.s I have nominated you, you deserve it and more.

  2. Hello Aby, it's nice to be back here, some people tho!

    How can you wait for someone to make you happy when you can make your self happy?

    Well, that's none of my biz *Sips Fayrouz*

    Errrm.....for me oooo many things makes me happy, am going to list some here which goes like this: Music, Reading or thinking the unthinkable. #DatisAll!

    Have a GoodNight Aby!


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