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"If it happens again in 2015 the dogs and baboons will bleed"...Words to live by from an aspiring president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. At a time when questions are being asked about the terrorist group ravaging the north and its impact on the nation, a respected northern leader calls for blood if he loses an election.

“He no fit!”, Asari Dokubo, well known militant leader and open supporter of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, without any knowledge as to solving the Boko Haram crisis in the north where Nigerians have fled into Cameroon and Cameroon attacked. He listed the 100 things he has done since assuming office as president all of which count to nothing. In recent weeks it has been a Jonathan-Buhari war, with one knowing not what to do and the other having devilish intentions, with one ready to die in search of political power and the other ready to die not to leave it. I recharge my phone, its campaign, I want to get fuel and the price has dropped. All these theatrics done by future leaders of this diversified nation called Nigeria.

I have fainted and fallen ill just by campaigning, but I would rather die trying than not die on the “throne”...apologies “sit”. My once dark hair has given way to an imperfect grey because of the problems of 260 million Nigerians but I’d rather lose all my limbs than leave the seat.

The question now that aches and troubles my soft soul is who wins the elections come February 14th, a day set aside to show love will be demonized by Nigerian politics. Who really wins the elections? Is it Buhari and his Western, Northern and Boko Haramic support or Goodluck Ebele Jonathan with the support of the voting public that will be bought and sold come Election Day?

We have cried that Jonathan has failed but like the bomb blast of January 2002, are we running from the blasts of the bomb into solid looking sinking sand?

Vote for Jonathan-Buhari, because it affects us all as our country Nigeria twists and turns to find the forward direction. If we love ourselves, we will think about our economy, the jobs we will be looking for, the entertainment industry, the western education of our children, the market price of goods, the amount of corruption in the country, the standard of living of an average Nigerian.

We will know that no matter who we are, where we are, what we do or what we read. The future of Nigeria lies before us…Or is it the past?

Who will be your Val?
Vote Jonathan-Buhari for president.
Vote Nero for president.

Written by 
Nero Esigbone

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