5 Minutes with FayFay; Roadside pee


Ladies, how many of you are irked when you see a guy pee by the roadside? So many women have expressed displeasure on the topic. FayFay expresses hers in today's podcast.
She also shares with you a song you must give a listen and a movie you should NOT see. Download HERE or press play below. Enjoy.

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2 thoughts

  1. The peeing thing is so disgusting esp in the middle of d road! Ugh!

  2. Hello FayFay, It's nice hearing your voice oooo, Its nice very *Winks*

    *Clears Throat* Lemme reply you now, you asked why guys are comfortable peeing by the road side right?

    My ans to that is, I will go and interview them and bring the ans to you, b'cos I hate peeing by the road side....i mean I hate it with passion but my Padis here KWA!!! they are the masters of roadside pee, buh me Iyaf tried all I can to stop them but all my Effort na #StoryforTheGods.

    I know you'll be wondering I've never had a road side pee before, the ans to that is yes and I've never for once enjoyed it or being comfortable with it....AM OUT!

    Thanks for sharing Aby.


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