5 Minutes with FayFay; Body or Mouth Odour?


To be very honest, there is no "good odor"...any odour in my opinion is bad! But just in case you were asked to pick between mouth and body odour? Which will choose? Which do you think you can manage?

In today's hilarious podcast, FayFay talks about both odours and let's us in on which she thinks is preferable and why...and as usual, she shares the song of the week and a 'must see' movie, click HERE to download the podcast or press play below...and hey! Don't forget to leave your comments telling us which you would prefer and why, let's have fun with this topic guys! Enjoy!

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2 thoughts

  1. Fayfay I can't even laugh, abeq I prefer the no odour oooo...hello Aby hope you enjoying ya weekend.

  2. lol what a blunt topic!



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