Your Partner, Your Bestfriend


People often say if your best friend and your partner are the same person, then you are lucky. Then I ask, why on earth shouldn't your partner be your best friend??? Why do you feel the need to have a "bestie" that may or may not be of the same gender as your partner? Your partner SHOULD BE your "main gee" and there are no two ways about it.


 I've come to notice that most people are almost strangers to their partners and they find it hard opening up to and talking about problems with their partners. I do not think this is ideal and I believe it is extremely unhealthy, especially for a long-term relationship.
Friendship is strongly advised for any and every romantic relationship, it should be the foundation of your relationship, even before love, if you ask me.


We all know that the butterfly phase always ends or sometimes it fluctuates, it is never constant, and one of the things that will keep you revved up and going is the friendship bond you both share.
It is possible that you may not have started your relationship on a friendship note, the good news is, friendship can be built, it can be developed. It just needs the co-operation of both parties.

Get to know each other:

  • Communicate freely, talk about any and everything, no matter how insignificant you think it is. 
  • Have intellectual and thought provoking conversations, this will help you both have a deeper understanding of how you think
  • Set out one day to have good old fashioned fun, visit a zoo or have a picnic...maybe play a game; name 20 things you know about your partner and let them do likewise. This is also a good opportunity for you both to ask questions about things you don't already know.
  • Do something your partner likes...even if it is not your favorite thing to do. Show interest and ask them questions about it. They will feel a lot more comfortable and won't feel reluctant to talk to you about something new that excites them.

Best friends know EVERYTHING about each other, How much about your partner do you know? Apart from the "deep" stuff, what about the basic things? Their dream vacation spot? Favorite meal and color? Their pet peeves? etc. If you don't already know, you should find out. Befriend your partner and be guaranteed a happy and fulfilling relationship.

Truly yours,

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2 thoughts

  1. I agree that partners should be best friends but life happens at times. Men do some weird stuff that best friends would never do. So you have to step back at times and re-evaluate.


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